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Disaster ( (たい) (さい) Taisai?) is the one hundred and eighty first chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Kiriya Ubuyashiki panics and regrets the great loss of life to all the Demon Slayers who had been slain by the newly reawoken Muzan Kibutsuji, blaming himself for the failure. He begins to lose focus of what is around him and continues to fear that he has wasted years of effort by his predecessors and all the Demon Slayers who had given their lives in the fight against Muzan.

Kanata Ubuyashiki slaps him out of his reverie, much to their sister Kuina Ubuyashiki's shock and yells at the Oyakata to keep himself together and to issue his next orders as the battle was still ongoing. Realizing that his father and forefathers had all gone through the same pressure, Kiriya recomposes himself and orders for reinforcements to be sent to Muzan's location and to focus all their power on one point to get rid of Muzan once and for all. Kanata heads back to her seat and Kiriya thanks both his sisters for being there to support him as both of them tearfully accept his thanks.

A crow announces to the other Demon Slayers that Muzan has been revived and passes on Kiriya's order for all the Hashira to gather immediately. Mitsuri Kanroji is shocked to hear the news, as Obanai Iguro curses the fact that he and Mitsuri are being held back by Nakime while the others had already slain the other Upper Rank, even at the cost of Muichiro Tokito and Genya Shinazugawa's lives. Mitsuri is confused at the order they have received and wonders if that means they should meet up with the other Hashira and leave Nakime alone. She is suddenly whisked away by the hem of her cloak by someone as Nakime plays her biwa again.

Kanata slaps Kiriya.

Meanwhile, Muzan who was standing amidst the corpses of all the Demon Slayers he had killed is suddenly teleported into a large room with Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka joining him. Tanjiro is shocked to see the demon and his mind floods with memories of his family's murder, Nezuko Kamado as a demon and all his fallen comrades. Enraged, he grips his sword tightly and looks fiercely at Muzan but Giyu tells him to calm himself down.

Muzan begins to speak to them, saying they are all persistent and that sickened him to the bottom of his heart. Continuing on, the demon says that the Demon Slayers always talked about avenging their families or friends, believing that they should just be thankful that they themselves had not died and should simply go on back to the way they used to live.

Tanjiro is shocked at these words and asks Muzan what he is saying as the demon compares himself to a natural disaster, saying that no one swore vengeance on earthquakes or storms when they killed people, saying that the dead could not be brought back to life and that they should all just go back to earning their daily wages. He says that most humans do that and that the only reason the Demon Slayers did not do the same was because they were a bunch of deviants and that he was sick of dealing with deviants. Muzan says that he is the one who truly wanted this state of affairs to come to an end as Tanjiro comes to a boiling point and says with a calm, seething rage that Muzan was a being that should not be allowed to exist.

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  • Tanjiro and Giyu come face to face with Muzan.