The Curse ( (じゅ) (ばく) Jubaku?) is the eighteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro caught in Yahaba's arrows

The chapter opens up with Tanjiro Kamado defeating Yahaba by cutting off his head. Yahaba curses Tanjiro, yelling that he would not forgive him for his actions. He hits Tanjiro with multiple arrows and says he will at least bring him down with him. Alarmed, Tanjiro uses Water Breathing: Fourth Form - Striking Tide to avoid crashing into a wall. The arrows start forcing his body in multiple directions and he continuously uses breath techniques in an attempt to shield himself, internally commenting how he never used so many attacks consecutively and that he was exhausted.

Tanjiro finally manages to safely land with Water Breathing: Sixth Form - Twisting Whirpool. He winces at the pain from his broken leg and ribs and, out of energy to hold his blade, picks it up with his mouth and crawls to aid Tamayo, Yushiro, and Nezuko, mentally pleading for them to be safe.

At the other side of the house, Nezuko is currently involved in a scuffle with Susamaru, kicking the temari ball back and forth. After Nezuko smashes the ball into a wall with a final kick, Tamayo and Yushiro comment on her newfound strength and how it wasn't from the medicine she was given. Tamayo, worried about how Nezuko wouldn't be able to keep it up if Susamaru went all out, enters the field. She begins talking to Susamaru, provoking her with words ridiculing her master and calling him a coward and manipulator. Susamaru tries to deny this, saying that her master was stronger than anyone else and accidentally utters his name as a result of Tamayo using her Blood Demon Art: Magical Aroma of Daylight, which decreases the Temari Demon's brain functions. Horrified, she begs to the sky for him to forgive her. Tamayo bids farewell as Susamaru succumbs to the curse, arms rupturing through her mouth and stomach while Tanjiro watches in shock.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Yahaba is killed by Tanjiro
  • Susamaru perishes from Muzan's curse


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