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The Price of Victory ( (しょう) () (だい) (しょう) Shōri no Daishō?) is the two hundredth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The sun rises on a new day, disintegrating Muzan Kibutsuji and everyone heaves a sigh of relief, crying as their battle is finally over. Kiriya Ubuyashiki orders for the injuries of the wounded to be tended to before passing out.

Gyomei Himejima refuses to accept any help from the junior Demon Slayers or Kakushi and asks for the injuries of the younger fighters to be tended to first as he knows his fate is inevitable. He begins to see all the children he used to care for at the temple appear before him and they tell him they had always wanted to apologize for the day they had been attacked by the demon.

Saying they knew that they had hurt him, they explain that they had not intended to run away but were instead trying to protect him as he was blind. One child says that he was trying to go outside to get a farming tool as a weapon while another says she had been trying to go call for help. Gyomei hears their explanations and accepts them, as they continue on and tell him they also had a reason for driving out Kaigaku that night which they would have told him had they lived to the morning.

The children apologize to Gyomei.

Wistfully wishing the next day had dawned for the children as well, Gyomei apologizes to them for being unable to protect them. The children tell him not to apologize, saying that they love him and that they had been waiting for him this whole time. Thanking them, Gyomei says that they can all now move on together and passes away with a smile on his face, leaving the Kakushi in tears.

Mitsuri Kanroji comes to and finds herself in Obanai Iguro's arms and asks him if they won. He tells her that they did and she is relieved but tells him that she cannot feel anything anymore and that she would die soon. Obanai responds that he would also be dying soon and that she wouldn't be alone. Anguished at this, she tells him not to die, apologizing for not being much use in the fight.

Retorting that this was not true, Obanai reminds her of the first time they met, when Mitsuri had gotten lost in the mansion and she recalls that Obanai had helped her. Obanai rebuffs this, saying it was the other way around and that she had been the one who saved him. He tells her that despite all the troubles she had gone through to become a Hashira she had still been so normal when they'd met and that she was still capable of enjoying the things around her like a regular human being.

"If we're reborn, and we're reborn as humans, can I be your bride?"

This had made Obanai feel like a regular boy as well and he had cherished his time with her, saying that he was sure the other Hashira had felt the same way. He tells her that her cheerfulness had saved many people around her and that she had not been useless at all. Mitsuri begins to cry and says that meals had tasted best with Obanai as he had always looked at her with great affection. She asks if she could be his bride if they are ever reborn and Obanai replies that she could definitely be if she would have him as hers and that he would make her happy and protect her.

Meanwhile, Sanemi Shinazugawa sees a vision of Genya Shinazugawa and his siblings all playing together happily in heaven but looks around for his mother who is nowhere to be seen. Turning behind to his right he senses his mother Shizu Shinazugawa standing there and pulls her hand from the darkness, telling her to join her children. However, she refuses saying that she didn't deserve to go to heaven as she had attacked her children.

Smiling serenely, Sanemi tells her that he would go along with her. Saying that Genya would be saddened to see him so soon he attempts to go with her but his hand is wrenched away by his father who says that he would be the one accompanying their mother. Sanemi yells at his father to let go of his mother but he simply responds that Sanemi isn't ready to die yet and that he was extra tough. Sanemi regains consciousness and the Kakushi are overjoyed to see this.

Tanjiro, seemingly dead.

Inosuke Hashibira regains consciousness as well and bites a Kakushi who attempted to help him while coughing up blood. Zenitsu Agatsuma tells the Kakushi tending to him to tell Nezuko Kamado that he loved her and was brave, fighting to the very end, calling her his wife as others point out that he is not married. Giyu Tomioka gets up and tries to find Tanjiro Kamado but looks forward to see the boy kneeling still holding his blade and having bled heavily after losing his arm.

The Kakushi tearfully inform Giyu that Tanjiro was no longer breathing and had no pulse. Giyu is greatly saddened, tearing up and kneeling down in front of Tanjiro. He grabs the boy's remaining hand and apologizes for having failed to protect him, saying he was always the one who ended up receiving protection. He apologises to Nezuko for being unable to protect her brother, not knowing that she had arrived at the scene and was tearfully running for her brother behind him.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Muzan completely disintegrates.
  • Gyomei, Mitsuri and Obanai pass away.
  • Sanemi is on the verge of death.
  • Nezuko arrives at the city.
  • Tanjiro passes away.