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Voices of Encouragement ( (あま) () () (みず) Amata no Yobimizu?) is the two hundred and third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Nezuko Kamado tearfully calls out to her brother Tanjiro Kamado to return so that they may finally return home. Tanjiro stirs in his subconscious and responds that he is very tired and wishes to return home as well.

Muzan tries to convince Tanjiro to remain as a demon.

Tanjiro prays to god to return home, saying he only wants to go home with his little sister, as he raises his arm to reach forward, eyes grow on the flesh growths that cover his body and begin to speak. The voice of Muzan Kibutsuji attempts to dissuade Tanjiro from returning to his loved ones, asking what would happen after he returned to them.

Muzan tells him that his entire family is dead and there is no point in him returning home, but Tanjiro responds that he still has memories of happy days there. He tells the demon Lord that the memories will never disappear as long as he and Nezuko are alive and that is why he has to go back, Tanjiro continues to slowly reach forward.

Tanjiro's deceased comrades help push him out.

As Muzan tries harder to dissuade Tanjiro, he lies to him and says that the boy has killed Nezuko. Unpersuaded, Tanjiro calls Muzan's bluff and says that Nezuko is alive telling him he lies. His deceased friends then all give him a push to the back to raise him up. Muzan tells them not to interfere and continues to try and mislead Tanjiro. Saying that they all now hate him and don't want him to return for what he has done after becoming a demon, Muzan continues to discourage the young demon Slayer.

Tanjiro responds that he wants to apologies to everyone for hurting them and Muzan retorts that they would not forgive him. Then telling the demon that it was not for him to decide, Tanjiro perseveres and continues to move forward, saying that he could smell all of his friends being concerned for him.

Nezuko's hands pull Tanjiro up.

Growing more frustrated, Muzan tells Tanjiro to be silent and says that he is the inheritor of his will so he should not look forward or try to find hope but instead should embrace life as a demon. Telling the boy that he would die in a few short years as he had manifested the Demon Slayer Mark, Muzan urges him to think only of himself and live forever. However, the boy refuses and says that he never wanted to live forever and that he only wanted to return to his friends and live as a human.

Adamantly refusing to give up on trying to mislead Tanjiro, Muzan tries to manipulate him further and asks if the boy really wishes to return to life after everyone else had died. Grabbing his head in his hands, he asks Tanjiro if he wants to live on without losing anything. More hands push Tanjiro forward and he smells the scent of wisteria flowers, at first believing it is Shinobu Kocho and he tears up as he sees Nezuko's arms reaching out for him, reaching forward himself to meet her.

Tanjiro wakes up as a human.

Tanjiro grasps Nezuko's hand and she attempts to pull him forward but Muzan grabs his arm and tries to force him away, saying that they had finally conquered the sun and that Tanjiro would go with him. Saying that he was a rare being, Muzan tells him to hear the cries of the dead and that they all resented him for being the only one who could move on and keep his life. Rebuffing this, Tanjiro says that they were not such people and that instead they had been willing to sacrifice their lives for others, saying that while they were sad and suffered, they did not wish that for others.

As Tanjiro begins to be taken away Muzan grabs at his torso and tries to pull him back but in vain as the hands of Giyu Tomioka, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira join Nezuko's to pull him up. As even more hands reach out to pull Tanjiro up, Muzan finally loses his grip and Tanjiro regains consciousness to find Nezuko looking down on him with tears in her eyes with his friends and the Kakushi surrounding him.

Yushiro tearfully tells Tamayo that the battle is over.

Nezuko calls out Tanjiro's name and he apologizes to everyone for having brought them harm. Everyone begins to cheer upon hearing his voice and Inosuke tells Tanjiro that he hadn't caused him significant harm at all. Zenitsu begins sobbing and says that he would make Tanjiro pay for his entire life for what he had done to him and calls Nezuko his wife, much to her shock and consternation. Giyu heaves a sigh of relief and a Kakushi holds him to keep him stable.

As Nezuko hugs her brother they both smile through their tears and a Kakushi wakes Kanao Tsuyuri up to tell her the good news. Kanao regains consciousness and smiles as she looks on at Tanjiro, with Tanjiro thinking to himself that he was glad she was still alive. Inosuke grabs Tanjiro's head and begins to sob as Yushiro pulls out Tamayo's hairpin and begins to weep, saying that it was finally over.

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  • Tanjiro regains his humanity and Muzan is vanquished once and for all.