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Rushing Boar ( (とつ) (ぜん) (いのしし) Totsuzen no Inoshishi?) is the twenty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro is astonished by the presence of the mysterious man wearing a boar's head. He notices the individual bears dual Nichirin Swords and witnesses his assertion of using Kyogai as his stepping stone to become stronger and higher-ranked, rushing forward to attack him. Kyogai beats his drum and the room rotates with Tanjiro yelling at Teruko to grab hold of furniture as she tumbles. The dual-wielder uses Tanjiro as a support to launch off and attack the Demon and Tanjiro tells him to not act recklessly. He is ignored and Kyogai hits another drum, shifting the room which results in the boar-masked individual to land and step on Teruko, paying no mind to her cries and expressing enjoyment and interest in the motion of the room.

Tanjiro throws the man off and hugs Teruko, angry over his lack of concern for Teruko's well-being. The man laughs and starts attacking them, praising Tanjiro for being capable of throwing him. Tanjiro shouts at him to stop as the Demon was right in front of them, but he states that he didn't care and continues his assault.

Kyogai suddenly hits a different drum, resulting in three quick slashes cutting the floor and interrupting the scuffle between the two Demon Slayers. Tanjiro comments on the shape of the slashes looking like claw marks, but his thoughts are cut off by Kyogai consecutively hitting multiple drums and rotating the room once again. Tanjiro starts understanding how the movement corresponds to each drum that is hit, but he and Teruko are transported to another room before he can react.

Tanjiro questions the sudden change, as he didn't hear Kyogai hit a drum which could've possibly allowed for him and Teruko to move. He starts analyzing his surroundings and finds a dead body, in which the Demon Slayer quickly ushers Teruko in the other direction before she sees it. Tanjiro smells a unique scent of blood and he opens a set of door, discovering Kiyoshi right before he hits a drum.

In another section of the house, Zenitsu walks while holding Shoichi's hand. Shoichi says his name and Zenitsu yells, scolding him for surprising him. Shoichi tells Zenitsu how he feels unsafe around him, especially considering how frightened Zenitsu was. Zenitsu profusely apologizes and tells him that they should stay quiet to avoid being attacked by Demons, just as the Tongue Demon appears in front of them.

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