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Against Corps Rules ( (たい) (りつ) () (はん) Tairitsu ihan?) is the forty-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The cleanup brigade arrives.

Having been treated for his injuries, Zenitsu awakens to find a young girl, as well as a team of Kakushi, cleaning up after the events on the mountain. He recognizes the girl as the same one from his Final Selection, and watches her orders to the brigade, reassuring that she will take care of any Demons left in the forest.

Elsewhere in the forest, Shinobu Kocho commands Giyu to move out of the way, but instead of responding to her, he questions why she said that everyone hates him. His question catches both her and Tanjiro off guard, and she responds by expressing her pity towards his inability to realize how unliked he was, which catches him off guard. Tanjiro looks towards Giyu, shocked at the sudden insult, but is called by Shinobu.

Shinobu questions Giyu's intentions.

She tells him to move out of the way before the Demon attacks him, but he informs her that she doesn't need to act since the Demon is his sister. Shinobu expresses her sadness for his situation and promises to kill her with a gentle poison which horrifies him.

The girl tramples Tanjiro.

Giyu interrupts her to tell Tanjiro that he must run in order to protect his sister and allows them to escape. Tanjiro musters the strength to escape into the forest, but before he can get far, the young girl from earlier leaps down from above and tramples him. He collapses on the ground and loses his hold of Nezuko, but right before the girl is about to decapitate his sister, he grabs hold of her haori and pulls her to the ground. Tanjiro frantically tells Nezuko to run away, however he gets kicked in the head by girl, rendering him unconscious.

The girl gives chase, but when she tries to cut Nezuko's head off, she witnesses her shrink to the size of a small child. She subtly begins to notice her odd demeanor and realizes that Nezuko is opting to run away instead of attack.

Back at the scene of the altercation, Shinobu can be seen held in a headlock by Giyu, as she tries to make sense of his actions. They ultimately end up testing each others nerves but when Giyu is momentarily annoyed, Shinobu manages to regain her footing and tries to stab him with a hidden blade. Before anyone gets seriously hurt, a crow interrupts them with an important message, it reveals the new orders to retrieve the the Kamado siblings and bring them back to headquarters.

As all disputes cease, the Kakushi locate the injured including Tanjiro, and take Tanjiro away from the mountain. Tanjiro is roused from his sleep by one of the Kakushi. When he fully awakens, he finds himself in the presence of the remaining Hashira.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Zenitsu and Inosuke are rescued as the battle sites are cleaned.
  • Giyu and Shinobu have a scuffle.
  • The mysterious girl from the Final Selection attacks Tanjiro and Nezuko.
  • An order is sent to bring the Kamado Siblings to HQ.
  • Tanjiro's first encounter with all the Hashira.