Master of the Mansion ( (やかた) (さま) Oyakata-sama?) is the forty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts with Kagaya greeting the members for the Hashira meeting that is held once every six months. Upon seeing him, Tanjiro immediately notices the scar on his face as he deduces it to be from an illness. However before he is able to react, he gets knocked down to his knees by Sanemi to forcefully show his respect to the leader.

Sanemi’s tone immediately changed as he greeted Kagaya politely and presented Tanjiro who is on trial for bringing a demon with him. Kagaya however gave his approval for Tanjiro and Nezuko and wanted everyone to accept them much to the Hashira's surprise. Gyomei, Uzui, Obanai, Rengoku and Sanemi immediately refused to accept the decision and only Mitsuri gave her consent, Muichiro on the other hand went with the decision as he mentioned that he will forget it anyway while Shinobu and Giyu remained silent.

In order to assure the Hashira, Kagaya brought the letter that he received from the former water pillar Urokodaki asking for Tanjiros forgiveness of bringing a demon with him and explained that Nezuko doesn’t eat humans. In the case that Nezuko will attack a human however, Urokodaki together with Tanjiro and Giyuu promised to cut their stomachs open as an apology. Tanjiro was brought to tears upon hearing the contents of his master’s letter but the Hashira still remained unconvinced.

Kagaya further deliberated with the Hashira about the situation and mentioned that Tanjiro came into contact with Muzan. The Hashira immediately questioned Tanjiro of his whereabouts and abilities as they have never even come into contact with him but with the barrage of questions, Tanjiro was unable to answer and Kagaya had to silence the Hashira in their questioning. He also explained that Muzan’s encounter with Tanjiro must have something to do with Nezuko and that something unexpected must have happened to Muzan but Sanemi refuses to budge as he sliced himself up and poured his own blood over at Nezuko’s box in order to convince them that demons are ugly creatures including Nezuko. 

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  • Kagaya gives the Kamado siblings his blessing.
  • Sanemi tries to entice Nezuko with his blood.


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