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Master of the Mansion ( (やかた) (さま) Oyakata-sama?) is the forty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The leader arrives at the trial.

The leader of the Demon Slayer Corps has just arrived, and he begins by greeting everyone thats present. His arrival initiates the Hashira meeting, which is held once every six months. Upon seeing him, Tanjiro immediately notices the scar on his face, which he deduces to be from an illness. However, before he is able to react, he gets knocked down to his knees by Sanemi to forcefully bow and show his respect to the leader.

Sanemi’s tone immediately changes as he greets the leader politely, and introduces Tanjiro who is being put on trial for travelling with a Demon. To everyone's surprise, the leader explains that he had already accepted the Kamado siblings, and wanted everyone to accept them as well. Gyomei, Tengen, Obanai, Kyojuro and Sanemi immediately refuse to accept the decision and only Mitsuri complies with the decision. Muichiro nonchalantly goes along with the decision, mentioning that he will forget it anyway while Shinobu and Giyu remain silent.

The leader silences the Hashira.

In order to reassure the Hashira, the leader instructs one of his daughters to read aloud the the letter that he received from the former Water Hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki. In the letter, Sakonji asks for forgiveness on Tanjiro's behalf for breaking the rules, and explains that Nezuko doesn’t eat humans. In case Nezuko were to end up killing a human, Sakonji promises that he, along with Tanjiro and Giyu would commit seppuku to atone for the lives she's taken. Upon hearing the contents of his master’s letter, Tanjiro begins to cry and looks at Giyu, amazed by their loyalty. However, the Hashira still remain unconvinced.

Sanemi uses his blood to entice Nezuko.

The leader further deliberates with the Hashira about the situation and mentions that Tanjiro has come into contact with Muzan Kibutsuji, shocking the Hashira. They immediately bombard Tanjiro with questions of his whereabouts and abilities since no one has encountered him. Tanjiro is left overwhelmed, and unable to answer the questions. As a result, the leader silences the Hashira and explains that Muzan’s encounter with Tanjiro must have something to do with Nezuko.

He proceeds to question that something unexpected must have happened to Muzan, but Sanemi refuses to understand. He pulls out his blade and cuts his arm, causing his blood to drip. Sanemi proudly proclaims that he will prove their leader wrong and proceeds to pour his blood onto Nezuko’s box, trying to entice her to attack him.

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  • Kagaya gives the Kamado siblings his blessing.
  • Sanemi tries to entice Nezuko with his blood.