Hmph! (プイ Pui?) is the forty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Obanai pins Tanjiro

Obanai pins Tanjirou for trying to help his sister

Obanai reminds Sanemi that the Demon won't come out in the sunlight, so he quickly moves into the building behind his leader. He draws his sword, prompting Tanjirou to attempt to come to his sister's aid, only to be pinned to the ground by Obanai.

Nezuko sees Sanemi's wound

Sanemi presents his wounded arm to Nezuko

Sanemi stabs Nezuko's box multiple times, prompting her to leave it. Seeing the Pillar's wounded arm, she is transfixed by the sight of his blood. Obanai is then told to lessen his hold of Tanjirou, but refuses. Shinobu warns Tanjirou not to use any of his breath techniques, as his lungs are under pressure and thus his blood vessels might burst from the stress. As the other Pillars react to this, Tanjirou begins struggling in earnest. Before anything escalates any further, Giyuu grabs Obanai's arm, releasing Tanjirou from his clutches.

Nezuko refuses

Remembering her order and family, Nezuko refuses to give into temptation

The worried Demon Hunter calls out to his sister. Distracted from the temptation before her, Nezuko remembers her order not to hurt humans, as well as her family. With much effort, she turns away from a shocked Sanemi, prompting Kagaya to ask what had transpired. Hearing of Nezuko's perseverance from one of his aides, the leader of the Demon Killing Corps says that this is proof of the girl's loyalty. He then warns Tanjirou that not everyone will agree with his decision, and that he will have to prove Nezuko's usefulness to their order, suggesting he start by defeating one of the Twelve Demon Moons.

Encouraged by his leader's words, Tanjirou vows that he and his sister will defeat Kibutsuji Muzan, but is told that he cannot in his current state, and should focus on the Twelve Demon Moons instead. Kagaya then tells his young subordinate about the Pillars and their dedication to the cause, and that is this dedication that makes them worthy of Tanjirou's respect, and that he should be careful of the way he addresses them. Kagaya then reprimands Obanai and Sanemi, and informs everybody present that the issue of Tanjirou and Nezuko is over, and that the Pillar Meeting can finally begin.

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  • Tanjirou's Trial (concluded)
  • Pillar Meeting (started)


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