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Rehabilitation Training, Part 2 ( () (のう) (かい) (ふく) (くん) (れん) (こう) (へん) Kinō kaifuku kunren・kōhen?) is the fiftieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi explain the training gourds to Tanjiro

Tanjiro attempts to constantly use Total Concentration Breathing, but is unable to do so due to intense pain. Determined to succeed, he vows to keep on training hard, and progress little by little. Seeing his determination, Naho Takada, Kiyo Terauchi, and Sumi Nakahara decide to help him out by bringing him food and the training gourds. They explain that when the Hashiras were training Kanao, they had her blow into the gourds in order to improve her breath technique.

Shinobu appears during Tanjiro's training

Fifteen days later, Tanjiro continues his training, noting his progress and how it adheres to his master's methods. He also apologizes in his mind to Haganezuka for having his blade broken, noting that the swordsmith was working on reforging it. As he tries to refocus on his breath training, the young Demon Slayer is interrupted by Shinobu. After exchanging some pleasantries, Tanjiro asks the Hashira why he and his friends had been taken to the Butterfly Estate. She replies that it was because everyone had acknowledged Nezuko, the fact that they had been severely injured, and that she had wanted to entrust her dream to him: to get along with Demons.

Tanjiro shatters one of the training gourds with his breath

Surprised by this, Tanjiro asks her if she is angry, noting that she always smells like she is. She affirms this, noting that ever since her older sister had been slaughtered by Demons, their actions had only deepened the anger within her. She states that the other Hashiras probably feel similarly, but that nothing will befall Nezuko because of her refusal to eat humans and Kagaya's order. She notes that Tanjiro is much like her deceased sister, explaining that she sympathized with Demons even up to the moment of her death, and that because of this, she had to follow in her footsteps. She then tells Tanjiro to continue to do his best, and to protect Nezuko up to the very end. Determined to do this, the young Demon Hunter continues to train with Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi. Ten days after this, Tanjiro puts his training to the test, managing to shatter one of the large gourds with his breath alone.

Exhilarated by his success, Tanjiro continues the initial training regimen with Kanao, managing to catch her in the chase segment of it and to best her at the reflex training, much to the chagrin of Zenitsu and Inosuke.

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  • Shinobu discloses her past to Tanjiro.
  • Tanjiro beats Kanao during training.