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The Nichirin Sword Returns ( (にち) (りん) (とう) (がえ) Nichirin tō gaeru?) is the fifty-first chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Shinobu gives the boys tips.

Having just witnessed Tanjiro beat Kanao during his rehabilitation test, Zenitsu and Inosuke stagger as they try to learn Total Concentration Breathing from Tanjiro. However, despite numerous attempts, the two boys were unable to grasp the concept of the technique and struggle to master it. During one of Tanjiro's lessons, Shinobu interrupts to provide guidance, and words of encouragement to both Inosuke and Zenitsu. The methods she uses to encourage them include, doubting Inosukes ability in order for him to get fired up, as well as tell Zenitsu she's personally "cheering" for him specifically so he gets excited.

Zenitsu and Inosuke master Total Concentration Breathing.

Nine days pass after her visit, and both Zenitsu and Inosuke have successfully mastered the breathing technique. On this day, Tanjiro calls Inosuke to inform him that their Nichirin Swords have been repaired and are being delivered. The two boys rush outside of the estate to see the swordsmiths approaching. When he sees Hotaru Haganezuka approaching, Tanjiro cheerfully yells out to greet him, but once Hotaru begins to run at a faster pace he pauses. He sees that Hotaru is holding a knife in his hand, and narrowly dodges from being impaled by the angry swordsmith. Hotaru confronts Tanjiro in disbelief at the fact that he broke his sword, but when Tanjiro tries to explain himself, the swordsmith says he's going to kill him and chases him for an hour.

Inosuke destroys his sword.

Having controlled his emotions a bit, Hotaru and the others sit to present the blades. The other individual who was seen with Hotaru introduces himself as Kozo Kanamori, and explains that he has forged Inosuke's blades. He gives Inosuke the swords and admires the color that it transitions to, he also asks Inosuke how the blades feel. Instead of answering him, Inosuke walks outside into the garden, and begins to pick up and sort through multiple rocks. He finally picks one up and unexpectedly slams it down onto his new blade to form the same rigged shape as his old one leaving Tanjiro and the swordsmiths horrified. He cheekily remarks that the chipped is better which enrages Kozo, he lunges out at Inosuke while screaming that he's going to kill him as Tanjiro holds him back. Elsewhere, Zenitsu is seen leaning up against Nezuko's box as he explains to her the events that had occured that day, while telling her that he'll take her out at night to see flowers that bloom in the garden.

In an undisclosed location, a female demon can be heard strumming the strings of an instrument as the Lower Rank 6, Kamanue, arrives. He becomes amazed while watching the Schröder-like-staircases warp around him when the female demon strums her biwa. Within moments, he finds himself clustered alongside the other members of the Lower Ranks, and turns to see a woman glaring down at him.

Muzan appears before the Demons.

The woman commands that they all lower their heads and bow to her, and at that moment they realize that its Muzan Kibutsuji disguised as a woman. Lower Rank 4, Mukago, begins to apologize for failing to recognize him, but she's cut off by Muzan who questions her audacity to speak, leaving Mukago trembling with fear.

Muzan strictly reminds them to only answer his questions, and informs them that Lower Rank 5, Rui, was killed. He proceeds to ask why the Lower Ranks are so weak and die easily in comparison to the Upper Ranks who haven't been changed for over a century.

Kamanue thinks to himself on how Muzan expects him to respond, but to his horror, Muzan responds by repeating his thoughts word for word. The chapter concludes with Muzan eerily demanding that Kamanue tells him his train of thought.

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  • Zenitsu and Inosuke master Total Concentration Breathing:Constant.
  • Tanjiro and Inosuke receive new blades.
  • Muzan holds a meeting with the Lower Ranks.