Cruel and Heartless ( (れい) (こう) () (じょう) Reikokumujō?) is the fifty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with a narration describing the Twelve Demon Moons as an organization of the strongest Demons composed by Muzan Kibutsuji. The six strongest Demons are considered members of the "Upper Moons", with Upper Moon 6 being the weakest and Upper Moon 1 being the strongest. Whereas, the six weaker Demons are classified as members of the "Lower Moons", with Lower Moon 1 being the strongest and Lower Moon 6 being the weakest. The members of the Lower Moons have their rank engraved in only one of their eyes, whereas the Upper Moons have their ranks engraved in both of their eyes and have a strong hatred towards the Demons of the Lower Moons.

Unbeknownst to the Twelve Demons, Muzan possesses the ability to locate, see, and read the thoughts of the Demons who have his blood. This would generally include Nezuko, but due to Tamayo's efforts when they met in Asakusa, his curse was lifted from her thus preventing him from locating Nezuko.

Back in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress, Muzan has become agitated with the behavior of the Lower Moons and snatches hold of Kamanue. As he begs for mercy and apologizes to him, the Demon Lord does not spare him, and kills Kamanue on the spot. The remaining Lower Moons are left traumatized as Kamanue's blood spills on top of them.

Muzan then targets Mukago and questions if she has more fear for the Demon Slayers rather than him, which she denies. However he takes offense, and accuses her of contradicting him, without giving her a chance to respond he quickly kills her as well. With only three of the Lower Moons remaining, Lower Moon Three, Wakuraba, decides that his only chance of surviving death is to escape so he makes a run for it. Before he can reach the exit, he is seemingly decapitated by Muzan who finally reveals his intentions of dismantling the Lower Moons.

As Muzan asks for any final words, Lower Moon Two, Rokuro attempts to save face by praising Muzan. However when Muzan questions what he would be able to contribute, he asks for more blood to become more powerful which angers Muzan. He demands to know why he should rewards his failures with more blood, to which Rokuro denies, however Muzan becomes displeased with his contradiction and kills him.

The remaining Demon that is left is Lower Moon One, Enmu, who is given the chance to speak. However he surprises Muzan by thanking him for personally being the one to kill him, as well as allowing him to hear the screams of the other Demons before he died. In a sudden manner, Muzan pierces Enmu's neck and supplies him with more blood.

He instructs Enmu to become useful to him by killing a Hashira of the Demon Slayers, he also instructs him to "kill the demon slayer with earrings that look like hanafuda cards" if he wants more blood.

The biwa Demon strums her instrument once more as Muzan makes his exit. The chapter concludes with Enmu writhing on the floor, as he envisions Tanjiro, and the idea of receiving more blood.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Muzan kills the Lower Moons
  • Enmu is sent to kill Tanjiro.


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