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You Are ( (きみ) Kimi wa?) is the fifty-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Shinobu clears Tanjiro of his wounds.

Following his training at the Butterfly Mansion, Tanjiro finishes his final wellness check in Shinobu's office. She verifies that his injuries have healed and wishes him well for his next mission, but before he leaves, Tanjiro asks Shinobu if she knows anything regarding the Hinokami Kagura. To his dismay she denies knowing anything, but when he explains his situation to her, she suggests that he asks the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku.

Tanjiro runs into the boy from his Final Selection.

Tanjiro bids her farewell and leaves her office, but when he walks down the hall, he notices a tall young man walking in his direction. He moves to the side as to avoid bumping into him, but the young man purposefully shoves him. Tanjiro turns around after recognizing him and realizes that he was the same boy he fought with at the Final Selection, he tries to strike a conversation with him, but the young man ignores him and turns down the hallway.

Tanjiro proceeds through the Mansion until he finds Aoi outside moving the laundry, he informs her that he's leaving on his next mission and thanks her for helping him. She tells him that there is no reason to thank her since shes a coward for being too afraid to go on missions, but Tanjiro reassures her that he will carry her emotions when goes to battle, which leaves her stunned.

Elsewhere on the Mansion, Tanjiro finds Kanao Tsuyuri sitting outside and approaches her to thank her, however instead of responding, Kanao pulls out a coin and flips it into the air. Once the coin lands tails-side-up, she responds courteously to him and promptly bids him farewell. Amazed by her actions, Tanjiro asks her what she just did and chatters non stop until she finally answers his questions. Kanao explains that she uses her coin to decide what to do when she isn't given orders, she also reveals that coin fallen heads-side-up, then she wouldn't have spoken to Tanjiro.

Tanjiro bids Kanao farewell.

Tanjiro asks her why she can't decide for herself and she responds by saying it wouldn't matter anyway, but Tanjiro explains that everything in the world matters and asks to borrow her coin. She reluctantly gives it to him and he walks out into the garden, he tells her that he's going to flip the coin to decide whether she should listen to the voice in her heart, and throws it high into the air. He tells her that if the coin falls heads-side-up then she will have to live by the voice in her heart and no longer rely on the coin, and successfully catches the coin. Tanjiro rushes back to Kanao and excitedly shows her the coin facing heads-side-up and holds her hands, surprising her. Unable to believe the outcome of the toss, Kanao asks him how he made it come up as heads and he tells her that "it was just by chance", he also tells her that had it been tails, he would've continued to flip it till it came up as heads. As he bids her farewell, Kanao looks down at the coin in her hand and holds it close to her heart but is spooked when Kiyo loudly calls her from behind, causing her to fall on her face.

Inosuke discovers the train.

After having said goodbye to Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo, they arrive at the train station. Zenitsu begins to act erratically after realizing that they weren't given any orders and could've remained at the Butterfly Mansion. While trying to deflect Zenitsu's assault, Tanjiro explains his reasoning that they needed to leave in order to find Kyojuro and that it would be easier to receive orders while they're in public. The chapter ends in a comedic manner as Inosuke points to the train and brazenly demanding to know "what kinda animal is that?!"

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  • Tanjiro runs into Genya Shinazugawa
  • Tanjiro helps Kanao to make her own decisions
  • Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke leave the Butterfly Mansion and prepare to board the train.