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Good Evening, Rengoku (こんばんは (れん) (ごく) さん Konbanwa Rengoku-san?) is the fifty-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu standing in front of a train. Inosuke, who has no idea what a train is, describes it as the master of the land and plans to attack it. Zenitsu tries to explain it as a steam engine, but Tanjiro interjects by suggesting that it is a guardian spirit and that they should not attack it. Zenitsu finally explains that it is a vehicle that carries people.

Unsurprisingly, Inosuke charges headfirst into the side of the train, which causes a run-in with the police due to the fact that they have swords and also the fact that Inosuke headbutted the train. Soon after, Zenitsu explains that the Demon Slayer Corps are not officially recognized government and that they should conceal the fact that they carry swords. Tanjiro also notes the train is called the 'Infinity Train' and that Kyojuro has probably boarded it already, as Zenitsu proceeds to buy tickets for the train.

The boys discover Kyojuro on the train.

As they enter the train, Inosuke is his own boisterous self, screaming about being inside the train and causing a ruckus. Zenitsu asks about Kyojuro and Tanjiro describes him as someone with flashy hair and notes that he is very close. The trio suddenly hear loud clamors of "Delicious!" inside the train and trace it to Kyojuro. He is described as a glutton by Zenitsu upon meeting.

Kyojuro explains the Breathing Types.

Tanjiro inquires about his 'Hinokami Kagura' to Kyojuro, but he admits that he has never heard of Hinokami Kagura before. Kyojuro expresses his delight in its application in battle before suggesting that Tanjiro become his Tsuguko. He explains that users of Flame Breathing have become Hashira in every generation. He also adds that the Basic Breathing Types comprise of Flame, Water, Wind, Stone, and Thunder and that those other types of Breathing are derived from them (e.g. Mist is derived from Wind and so forth). He proceeds to ask Tanjiro about his blade, remarking that no Hashira has ever had a black blade and that he is unknowledgeable in the swordsmanship of the Tanjiro's sword.

The boys fall asleep on the train.

Kyojuro then reveals he was sent here due to the fact that 40 people have disappeared on this train and that none of the swordsmen have ever returned. Suddenly, the conductor appears in order to confirm the passengers' tickets. Subsequently, Tanjiro describes smelling a foul like odor. As the conductor lifts his head, he shows a weak and queasy expression. Kyojuro takes notice of this and suggests that the conductor stands down. As demon appears from the opposite end of the train, Kyojuro notes that he was unable to sense him, but proceeds to draw his sword and manages to finish the demon with the Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknowing Fire. Much to their awe, the trio acclaim Kyojuro to train them to which he agrees. Thus, attributing them to call him 'Aniki'. Subsequently, Kyojuro and the trio fall asleep on the train. The chapter ends with Enmu looking over them as he states "nothing will make [him] happier than to die as [he] dreams".

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  • The group finds Kyojuro Rengoku on the train.
  • Kyojuro defeats the suspected Train Demon.
  • The group falls asleep on the train while Enmu emerges.