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Train of Infinite Dreams ( () (げん) (ゆめ) (れっ) (しゃ) Mugen Yume Ressha?) is the fifty-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with the conductor confessing to putting the demon slayers to sleep and begs a mysterious hand to please put him to sleep so he can be reunited with his dead family. The hand creature agrees and begins chanting a spell which puts the conductor to sleep, causing him to fall on the floor.

Enmu sends the young kids to attack the Demon Slayers.

A group of young kids emerge and the hand instructs them to wait on standby until the demon slayers fall into a deeper sleep. It then tells them to have precaution to not physically touch them when they are carrying out the plan, and promises them a reward of "sweet dreams." The hand is revealed to be an extension of Enmu, who further explains that no matter the amount of strength a demon slayer may possess, any human can be killed by destroying their spiritual core.

Within the train, Tanjiro, Kyojuro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke can been seen sleeping soundly. Zenitsu dreams of having a romantic date with Nezuko in a peach orchard, whereas Inosuke dreams of leading an underground cave expedition.

Kyojuro reassures his brother in his dream.

Kyojuro dreams of returning home to inform his father of his promotion to a Hashira, but when he does so, his father acts indifferent and degrades his accomplishment. When Kyojuro leaves his father's room, he encounters his little brother, Senjuro, peering around the corner. When his brother asks him how his father responded, Kyojuro remembers the change in his father's personality. When recalling the past, Kyojuro reveals that his father used to be the previous Flame Hashira, but for some unknown reason, he had a change of heart and became pessimistic. Kyojuro is left to think of his brother and how he can encourage him, so he responds honestly saying that his father wasn't happy. However, he proudly proclaims that nothing can discourage him or dampen his enthusiasm and embraces his crying brother while encouraging him to do his best.

Tanjiro reunites with his family in his dream.

In Tanjiro's dream, he returns home to discover Shigeru and Hanako carrying vegetable outside. They eagerly call out to him and he runs to them in a hurry, he strongly hugs them and begins to cry while apologizing, leaving them confused. On the train, Tanjiro can be seen crying in his sleep as the group of young adults begin to tie themselves to each Demon Slayer, and can be seen counting until they fall asleep. Back in Tanjiro's dream, Hanako and Takeo can be seen laughing as their mother checks on Tanjiro. He reassures her that he's fine and brushes his emotions on "having a bad dream", he happily continues to play with his siblings while his mother lovingly observes them. Enmu is seen on top of the train, stating that "they're sound asleep and can no longer awaken." while Tanjiro continues to relive his happiness in his dream.

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  • The Demon Slayers each experience different dreams