A Mountain of Hands ( (やま) ほどの () Yamahodo no tega?) is the sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts off with Tanjiro completing his training for the Final Selection, and realizing his newly acquired technique of smelling the 'lines of intervals'. He meets Urokodaki who praises his abilities and hard work before giving him his blessing to participate in the selection. He pleads with Tanjiro to survive and return back to him and Nezuko alive.

Before setting off, Tanjiro receives a hand carved fox mask, similar to the ones worn by Sabito and Makomo, from Urokodaki and says goodbye to a sleeping Nezuko. He bids Urokodaki farewell, entrusting him to care for Nezuko, Sabito, and Makomo while he's away, Urokodaki is left astonished as he reveals that Sabito and Makomo were the deceased spirits of his previous students and that Tanjiro shouldn't have known who they were.

Having just arrived to the Final Selection at Mount Fujikasane, Tanjiro admires the wisteria flowers glistening the steps as he climbs the stairs. Once he reaches the top, he encounter a large number of swordsmen waiting to participate in the event. Two curators organizing the event inform the students that the Wisteria flowers seen earlier serves as demon repellent on the mountain. They go further on to explain that in order to pass the selection, they must survive for seven nights in the region of the mountain where the Wisteria doesn't bloom, and where the demons roam free.

Once the selection begins, Tanjiro immediately encounters two demons who bicker over the rights to kill and eat Tanjiro. He utilizes the breathing techniques he learned from Urokodaki and successfully slays the demons, boosting his confidence in completing the selection. As he proceeds in the forest, Tanjiro is caught off guard by a powerful overwhelming smell, and the screams of another child. When he turns to face the sound, he is encountered by a large deformed demon chasing and tormenting two other children. Before the demon is able to capture the child, Tanjiro intervenes and slices one of the limbs off of the demon, instigating a confrontation.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tanjiro learns how to master the Breathing techniques
  • Tanjiro enters and participates in the Final Selection


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