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Ending in a Dream ( (あく) () () わる Akumu ni Owaru?) is the sixty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


His neck severed, Enmu unleashes a terrible scream

Tanjiro's attack completely severs Enmu's neck, causing the Lower Rank to unleash a terrible scream and break into pieces. The piece of the Demonic train that Tanjiro and Inosuke are on begins to fall sideways, with the former's earlier wound from the conductor suddenly flaring with pain. Inosuke notes this with concern, but Tanjiro tells him to protect the passengers, his only concern living so that the conductor doesn't become a murderer. The young Demon Slayer is cast a short distance from the inevitable train wreck, with Inosuke immediately attending to him.

Enmu expires

Tanjiro asks Inosuke to help the trapped and badly injured conductor, and after a mild argument, the latter agrees to do so. Tanjiro then attempts to stabilize his breathing, wanting to go help the injured passengers.A short distance away, what remains of Enmu notes with disbelief his body's continued disintegration, his lack of regeneration, and his entire scheme's failure.

Something lands next to Tanjiro and Kyojuro

He further notes the interference of Kyojuro Zenitsu, and Nezuko with frustration, but expresses the most anger towards Tanjiro and Inosuke, attempting to maneuver his crumbling body towards them. This ultimately failing, the Lower Rank laments his inability to ascend to the rank of Upper Rank, desperately wanting a redo as he finally expires.

Kyojuro compliments Tanjiro on being able to constantly perform Total Concentration Breathing, stating that he is one step closer to becoming a Hashira. He then notes the youth's injury, a collapsed blood vessel, and instructs him on how to stop the bleeding. Tanjiro puts all of his focus on stopping the hemorrhage, with support from his superior, and eventually succeeds. Kyojuro explains that if he masters his breathing, he will be able to do a multitude of things, and also informs the youth that all the passengers are safe. Without warning, something lands near the two, causing a large explosion.

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  • Enmu is defeated and the train crashes.
  • A new threat arrives.