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The Strength of the Hashira ( (じょう) (げん) (ちから) (はしら) (ちから) Jōgen no Chikara・Hashira no Chikara?) is the sixty-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba. Info icon.png


Despite his injuries, Kyojuro remains determined to defeat Akaza

Tanjiro looks on with concern as Akaza tells an injured Kyojuro not to die, while Inosuke notes that he cannot assist the Hashira, as he can sense that he would only be in the way. Akaza warns Kyojuro of the futility of his attacks and points out the extent of his numerous injuries, while also noting that none of this would be an issue if he were a Demon.

Kyojuro is impaled through the chest by Akaza

Tanjiro attempts to help his superior, but cannot due to the side effects of the Hinokami Kagura. Despite his injuries, Kyojuro's determination is unwavering as he prepares to unleash his ultimateattack Flame Breathing: Esoteric Art, Ninth Form: Rengoku, much to Akaza's delight. The Upper Rank responds with his own attack, Destructive Death: Annihilation Type, causing a large explosion. Tanjiro and Inosuke watch helplessly as the dust clears to reveal Kyojuro impaled through his solar plexus by Akaza's arm. The latter repeats his desire for the Flame Hashira to become a Demon, stating that he is one of the strong ones that has been chosen.

Kyojuro then has a flashback from his childhood, where his mother asked him why he was born stronger than other people. The young Kyojuro told her that he didn't know. She told him that it was to save the weak, that it was the obligation of anyone born strong to fulfill this duty, and to make sure he never forgot this, to which Kyojuro agreed. She then hugged her son, tearfully noting that she would not be alive for much longer, but that it was a blessing to be the mother of such a strong, gentle child.

Kyojuro continues his attack on Akaza despite his grievous injuries

Back in the present, the Flame Hashira swings his sword at Akaza's neck, much to the latter's astonishment. Kyojuro thanks his mother for giving birth to him, calling it an honor, and presses the attack deeper into the Demon's neck. Akaza attempts to punch the Hashira with his free arm, but Kyojuro stops it with his own, to the Upper Rank's continued shock. He then notices that the sun has begun to rise and attempts to finish Kyojuro off, but realizes that his arm is stuck in the Hashira's abdomen. Kyojuro determinedly vows to not let Akaza escape.

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  • Akaza fatally wounds Kyojuro.
  • Kyojuro uses his strength to cut Akaza's neck.