Who won? ( (だれ) () ちか Dare no kachi ka?) is the sixty-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Akaza escapes

Akaza barely escapes Inosuke's attack

Seeing an opportunity to defeat Akaza, Tanjiro rushed towards the Upper Moon. Desperate to escape before the sun rose, Akaza struggled to free himself from Kyojuro's grip, in both arm and abdomen, but the Pillar was equally determined to deny this and decapitate him. Tanjiro urged Inosuke to move for Kyojuro's sake, and the masked youth complied, attacking the trapped Akaza.

Akaza impaled

A fleeing Akaza is impaled by Tanjiro's thrown sword

The Upper Moon managed to escape at the last moment, sacrificing both of his arms, with Kyojuro's blade still stuck in his neck. He fled into the nearby forest to escape the coming sunlight, but Tanjiro hurled his sword at the fleeing Demon, impaling him through the chest. The young Demon Hunter angrily told Akaza not to flee like a coward, causing the Upper Moon to think him an idiot, as he was only running from the sunlight. Tanjiro continued his rant, stating that the Demon Hunters would always hunt Akaza's kind, even at night when they had the advantage, and that they were humans whose wounds wouldn't just heal as readily as the Demons'.

Tanjiro proclaimed Kyojuro to be stronger and more amazing than Akaza, and the true victor of their battle, before breaking down in tears. An appreciative Kyojuro gently told him to stop yelling, as dying from his wounds would still count as a loss, and instructed him to come and have a final chat with him. The tearful youth complied, and Kyojuro began to relate what he had remembered from his flashbacks.

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