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Whose Victory? ( (だれ) () ちか Dare no Kachi Ka?) is the sixty-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Akaza barely escapes Inosuke's attack

As the sun begins to rise, Tanjiro sees an opportunity to defeat Akaza and rushes towards the Demon. Desperate to escape the sunlight, Akaza struggles to free himself from Kyojuro's grip, but the Hashira's burning determination keeps Akaza trapped in place as his blade cuts his neck. Tanjiro yells at Inosuke to move for Kyojuro's sake, and the masked youth complies, rushing forward to attack Akaza.

As Inosuke prepares to utilize his Beast Breathing, First Fang: Pierce, the Upper Rank manages to escape at the last moment, sacrificing both of his arms, with Kyojuro's blade still stuck in his neck. He tries to flee into the nearby forest to escape the coming sunlight, but Tanjiro hurls his sword at the Demon, impaling him through the chest.

The young Demon Slayer angrily chastises Akaza for running away like a coward, angering the Upper Rank. Akaza looks back at Tanjiro, disgusted by his stupidity for thinking that he would be running away from them, instead of trying to evade the sunlight. Tanjiro continues his rant, stating that the Demon Slayers would always risk their lives to hunt Demons, even at night when they were at a disadvantage and unable to regrow or repair their bodies.

Inosuke and Tanjiro tremble after Kyojuro's fight.

Tanjiro calls Akaza a coward as he escapes into the forest, then proceeds to proclaim Kyojuro to be stronger and the true victor of their battle. Inosuke begins to tremble as he watches Tanjiro begin to wail, with tears streaming down his face. An appreciative Kyojuro gently tells him to stop crying, expressing his concern that Tanjiro's wounds would open up again. Kyojuro tells him that if he reopens his wounds and dies from his injuries, then Kyojuro would've lost the battle from failing to protect his comrades. He proceeds to instruct Tanjiro to come and have a final chat with him and the tearful youth complies. Tanjiro sits before Kyojuro with tears streaming down his face, as the Hashira begins to relay what he had remembered from his flashbacks.

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  • Akaza manages to escape before sunrise.
  • Tanjiro tries to chase Akaza and cries out in frustration at Kyojuro's injuries.
  • Kyojuro asks Tanjiro to listen to the important information he has to share.