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Looking for Something (さがしもの Sagashi mono?) is the sixty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muzan's child form.

A group of adults discuss a special child, gifted with intelligence but cursed with a skin disease that makes him unable to go outside, who they hope to find a cure for. The boy marks his spot in the book he is reading, going to return it to the shelf as Akaza appears to make his report, addressing the youth as Muzan-sama. The disguised Demon asks the Upper Rank if he has found what they discussed, to which Akaza replies that he has not, as he could not find any reliable information about the existence of the Blue Spider Lily.

Muzan's anger at Akaza for not killing all of the Demon Slayers with Kyojuro

The Upper Rank goes on to assure his leader that he will try his hardest to live up to his expectations, noting that he killed one of the Hashira as ordered. Muzan is unimpressed and proceeds to punish his subordinate, stating that he wishes the entirety of the Demon Slayers to be purged, something that Akaza failed to do when he left the three other Demon Hunters present with the Hashira alive. Muzan further expresses his disappointment in the Upper Rank for taking a blow from a swordsman who wasn't even a Hashira, and dismisses him. Akaza does as commanded, venting his frustration on Kamado Tanjiro's Nichirin Sword and promising to kill the youth the next time they meet.

Back at the Butterfly Mansion, Zenitsu mulls over Tanjiro and Inosuke's sadness due to Kyojuro Rengoku's death, bringing the former some manjū to cheer him up. A distraught Kiyo Terauchi accidentally bashes her head into Zenitsu's, crying out that Tanjiro is missing. An apologetic Kiyo further explains to the disoriented Zenitsu that Shinobu had gotten angry at Tanjiro for training while still injured and he had been instructed to rest. Remembering the extent of his friend's injuries, Zenitsu questions his intelligence.

Kyojuro's father speaks ill of his son.

Elsewhere, Tanjiro thanks Kyojuro's crow for guiding him to the latter's home to fulfill his final wishes, noticing Senjuro Rengoku shortly thereafter. Addressing the surprised youth, Tanjiro asks him if he has heard about his brother's death, and tells him that he was given messages from his brother to relay to him and his father. Senjuro relates that he already knew about the former piece of information and asks Tanjiro if he is alright, as he looks pale.

Before any further discussion can unfold, Rengoku Sr. angrily tells Tanjiro to stop, as he has come to tell them "useless crap". He goes on to say that Kyojuro died because he became a swordsman without having any great talent, and that he was a pathetic fool of a son, to Tanjiro's astonishment.

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  • Akaza reports his mission to Muzan.
  • Tanjiro travels to the Rengoku Mansion.