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Move Forward—Even if Just a Little ( (まえ) (すす) もう (すこ) しずつで (かま) わないから Mae e susumou sukoshizutsu de kamawanaikara?) is the sixty-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro and Senjuro discover the record has been destroyed.

Senjuro and Tanjiro are shocked to discover that the Flame Hashira's record has been destroyed. He proceeds to apologize to Tanjiro for his father's vandalism of the record, hindering his chances of learning about the Hinokami Kagura. Tanjiro reassures Senjuro that he doesn't need to apologize for anything, even expresses his remorse to failing to protect Kyojuro during the battle. He promises that he will work hard on his own, in order to become a powerful Hashira like Kyojuro, while holding back tears.

Senjuro is left touched by Tanjiro's resolve and expresses his resentment over not being able to succeed his brother as the Flame Hashira, but resolves to find other ways to help people. Tanjiro promises Senjuro that he would headbutt anyone who would badmouth him for his decision, but his offer is sternly declined. Before Tanjiro takes his leave, Senjuro assures Tanjiro he will continue to look into the other Flame Hashira's records while trying to restore the destroyed one, and would send a crow if he discovered something.

Shinjuro cries over Kyojuro's death.

As Tanjiro heads out, Senjuro gifts Tanjiro his brother's hand guard. Tanjiro is initially reluctant to take the guard, but he accepts it due to Senjuro's reassurance. As Senjuro returns to his house, he notices his father, Shinjuro, has returned. Senjuro tries to convey Kyojuro's message for his father, but is met with a spontaneous beration. Once Shinjuro calms down, Senjuro calmly delivers his brother's message to his father, "Please take care of your body." As Senjuro closes the door, Shinjuro immediately thinks of Kyojuro and breaks down in tears.

Hotaru attacks Tanjiro.

Tanjiro can be seen looking visibly exhausted as he heads towards the Butterfly Mansion. Once he arrives in the vicinity, he sees a dark figure standing by the entrance. Upon a closer look, Hotaru Haganezuka can be seen wielding two large knives in his hand with an ominous aura surrounding him. Realizing who it is, Tanjiro is overcome with shock was the man chases after him and is verbally berated for losing his blade. The chapter concludes with Tanjiro climbing up a nearby tree to evade the angry swordsmith.

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  • Tanjiro and Senjuro discover the record has been vandalized.
  • Shinjuro expresses grief over his son's death.
  • Tanjiro is attacked by Hotaru when he arrives back to the Butterfly Mansion.