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Kidnapper ( (ひと) (さら) Hitosarai?) is the seventieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Four months after the passing of Kyojuro Rengoku, the three boys have been training relentlessly at the Butterfly Mansion while occasionally leaving on individual missions. As Zenitsu goes on solo missions, he becomes less of a whiner whereas Inosuke becomes more reckless. Despite the unforgiving training sessions, Tanjiro remarks that they're tolerable since the three boys can endure it together.

Tengen kidnapping Aoi and Naho

Following the completion of one of his solo missions, Tanjiro approaches the Butterfly Mansion to hear the screams of the young girls. Inside the property, Aoi and Naho scream to be let go after the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui begins to take them away while the other girls plea for their freedom. Aoi calls out for Kanao's help to save them, although she initially hesitates on what to do, Kanao chases after Tengen and grabs hold of Aoi and Naho.

Tengen looks at Kanao and tells her to obey her orders, but when she doesn't respond to him, he gets agitated and tells her to say something while calling her a "stuck-up pig." The other girls get scared by his sudden yelling but they manage to muster up their courage to swarm, and stop him from kidnapping Aoi and Naho. Easily.

Kanao trying to rescue Aoi and Naho

By this point, Tanjiro arrives inside the property and although he initially gets confused as to whether the girls are crowding him or attacking him, he decides to headbutt Tengen in order to free the girls. However, Tengen stealthily escapes the headbutt, revealing that he previously used to be ninja and would not let anyone land an attack that.

Tanjiro angrily demands that Tengen returns the girls while Kiyo and Sumi insult him with names, causing Tengen to get riled up at their disrespect and demand that they obey him as their "superior officer." However, Tanjiro stubbornly refuses to acknowledge Tengen as his superior causing him to explode with anger. During his fit of rage, Tengen explains that he needs female corps members in order to carry out his mission, yelling that since they aren't Tsuguko, he doesn't need to ask Shinobu for permission.

Tengen announces their journey to the entertainment district.

Kiyo cries out that Naho isn't a corps member, so Tengen nonchalantly throws her off the roof and decides to only take Aoi. Unwilling to give her up, Tanjiro demands that he gives her up and offers to go in her place. At that moment, Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to help protect the girls, and they also offer to go on the mission as well.

Tengen ultimately gives in and smacks Aoi on the behind before returning her to the girls. As the group of boys sets off on the mission, the ask Tengen where they're going exactly to which he responds, "the flashiest place in Japan, steeped lust and avarice." ultimately revealing that they are heading towards the Entertainment District.

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  • Aoi and Naho almost get kidnapped.
  • The group sets off on a mission with the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.