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Operation: Entertainment District ( (ゆう) (かく) (せん) (にゅう) (だい) (さく) (せん) Yūkaku sen'nyū dai sakusen?) is the seventy-first chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with Tengen instructing and establishing his status as a superior to the trio of Demon Slayers. He specifically details his status as a 'god' and demands that they "bow and scrape and avert [their] eyes."

Tengen establishes his rules.

Being genuinely intrigued, Tanjiro cheekily falls for his flamboyance and asks what it is that Tengen rules over as a god. Sensing the absurdity of the scenario, Zenitsu concludes that Uzui is a sign of bad news and is also astonished by Tanjiro's naivety. Tengen explains that he is the 'god of festivals' and upon hearing this, Inosuke brazenly introduces himself as the 'god of the mountain' and introduces himself as a fellow, leaving Tengen disgusted.

Tengen instructs the group to follow him to a Wisteria House where they will discuss their plans and within an instant, he sprints a large distance till he can barely be seen, leaving the group to chase after him in a panic. Once they arrive at the home, Tengen informs the group to be on the lookout for someone he can marry, which infuriates Zenitsu. He angrily tells Tengen to stop screwing around and to stop using members of the corps to be his matchmaker. Tengen blows up and yells that he doesn't need a matchmaker since he's already married, and that they're searching for his wife who failed to respond to his letters. Zenitsu doesn't believe him and tells Tengen to stop telling his "fantasies" causing Tengen to angrily wack him in the face with the piles of letters.

Tanjiro begins to sift through the letters, noticing the large quantity and comments that she must be a fast writer, to which Tengen clarifies that the large quantity is due to the fact that he has three wives. After hearing this, Zenitsu's head explodes with rage thinking that Tengen is lying, and he demands to know how he could have three wives. Tengen gets angry at his remarks and punches Zenitsu in the stomach with such force, knocking him unconscious.

Inosuke getting punched by Tengen

Tanjiro begins to ask how they plan on sneaking into the district, leaving Tengen to explain that they will be disguised. His wives, which are kunoichi, were originally stationed there after he failed to find any leads as a customer, but after they narrowed down the possible locations of where the Demon might be, they lost communication. Overhearing the situation, Inosuke bluntly asks what if the wives are already dead, to which Tengen promptly punches him in the stomach, knocking him unconscious.

Within the Entertainment District, a majority of the workers are individuals who were sold into the business due to poverty and debt. As a courtesan, their job is to appeal and entertain customers so they can eventually find a wealthy man that's willing to buy their freedom. The highest classification of a courtesan is an oiran, who is considered to be the most artistic, beautiful, and educated and is thus only reserved for the wealthiest of customers.

The boys disguised as girls

As the group finally arrives, Tengen uses his charming looks to try to give away the boys who are disguised as girls, and is successfully able to give Tanjiro away to the Tokito House. Tengen proceeds down the street with the other two boys in tow, with Zenitsu seething with anger at the fact that Tengen is proudly flaunting his visuals. Inosuke and Tengen notice a courtesan precession coming towards them on the street, and learn that the orian named Koinatsu is on her way to greet a suitor. Zenitsu notices the orian and angrily yells at Tengen demanding to know if that's his wife as well, earning him a punch in the face.

A woman approaches Tengen and asks him if he is looking for a house and offers to take Inosuke into the Ogimoto House, to which Tengen accepts. The chapter concludes with Zenitsu fearfully realizing that he is the only one left with Tengen.

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  • Tengen and the group arrive at the Entertainment District.
  • Inosuke and Tanjiro are placed into different houses disguised as girls.