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Search For My Wives ( (よめ) さんを (さが) Oyomesan o sagase?) is the seventy-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts off with two women at the Ogimoto House clapping for joy at how beautiful Inosuke is after removing "her" makeup. They become motivated to educate him and transform him to become the most popular orian within the district. Meanwhile in the Kyogoku House, Zenitsu is in the middle of putting an emotional performance with a shamisen after being abandoned by Tengen Uzui, and at the Tokito House, Tanjiro is assisting in doing household chores.

Koinatsu arrives at her room

The staff ask Tanjiro to carry the oiran's belongings up to her room to which he happily complies. When he arrives at the room, he discovers two young girls gossiping inside and overhears them talking about "ashinuke". He asks them what it is, and the girls explain that ashinuke is when a courtesan runs off with a customer without paying off their debts. They go on to mention the rumor that Suma was the most recent courtesan that had ran away, which catches Tanjiro's attention. However before he can question them further, Koinatsu walks into the room and tells the girls to stop gossiping, and thanks Tanjiro for carrying her belongings.

Tanjiro meets Koinatsu

She gives him a piece of Ame Honpo candy to express her gratitude and Tanjiro decides to ask her if the rumor regarding Suma was true. Koinatsu looks taken aback by the sudden question and asks him why he's asking her, Tanjiro momentarily panics and lies saying that Suma is his sister. His extreme honesty causes him to show a sour facial expression whenever he lies, and he ends up frightening the girls as well as Koinatsu. She again questions Tanjiro if he was sold into the house just like his "sister", causing him to uncomfortably lie that he was in fact sold and was exchanging letters with Suma. Koinatsu reluctantly tells Tanjiro that she did not believe Suma would run away, however when they discovered her diary in her desk, she had written that she was planning on running away. She also reveals that there has been no new information regarding if she had gotten caught, or if she managed to escape.

Tanjiro begins to speculate that it could be the Demon that was creating the facade that Suma had run away, and might possibly be responsible for implanting the diary. He then prays for her safety and promises to himself that he will find a way to help her. Elsewhere in the district, Tengen is seen on top of the roof observing the activity of the public. He fails to notice any unusual activity, and can't help but have a bad feeling on the lack of action, and proceeds to speculate that the Demon must be strong due to its ability to hide its presence.

Inosuke tries to listen for information

Back at the Ogimoto House, Inosuke is starting to investigate the whereabouts of Makio and overhears two women conversing in front of Makio's room. The women begin to gossip that Makio was feeling unwell and had not left her room the whole day. Inosuke begins to speculate on the information and proceeds down the hall, however he becomes irritated at having to wear the uncomfortable kimono during the hot weather and recalls Tengen's threats. Before the boys had seperated, Tengen had threatened him to not strip or speak due to his deep voice, making it harder for Inosuke to gather information.

Inside Makio's room, an ominous voice is seen questioning a woman who she was sending letters to. A large obi-like Demon is then seen holding the woman hostage, the Demon calls the woman by her name revealing the hostage to be Makio.

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  • Tanjiro meets Koinatsu.
  • Makio is captured by the Obi Demon.