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The Chase ( (つい) (せき) Tsuiseki?) is the seventy-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


While being held hostage by the Obi Demon, Makio tries to formulate a plan to try to escape. However the Demon senses Inosuke snooping in the hallway and decides to make an escape. Inosuke senses the change in the atmosphere, and rushes into the room. He discovers the room is destroyed and senses the Demon hiding in the ceiling. As the Demon tries to escape, Inosuke begins to give chase and rushes down the hallway.

Inosuke chases the Demon

As he prepares to turn the hallway, he decides to punch the wall in order to pull the Demon out. However when he swings, a customer comes into the clearing and unknowingly gets punched into the wall. The staff look on in horror as Inosuke looks around to try to find the Demon, but to his frustration, he loses sight of it and blames the customer.

In the Kyogoku House, Zenitsu calms down after his emotional performance, and begins to search for Hinatsuru. Due to the fact that the staff is mourning the manager's death, he has had trouble collecting any information on her whereabouts. Zenitsu decides to use his advanced sense of hearing in order to listen to try to find any information, in doing so he overhears a girl quietly sobbing and rushes to find her.

Warabihime appears behind Zenitsu

When he arrives, he discovers the room is destroyed and the young girl disheveled in the middle of it. He approaches her but she begins to sob again, causing Zenitsu to frantically try and comfort her. As he's kneeling on the ground, Zenitsu gets the chills as he senses something approach him from behind, the orian of the house Warabihime, glares down at him and coldly demands what business he has in her room. Without turning around, Zenitsu recognizes the sound that she's giving off is not human, and realizes that she is the Demon that the Demon Slayers have been searching for.

Warabihime angrily repeats her question after Zenitsu fails to respond, and the other girls of the house explain that she's new to the house. Zenitsu attempts to apologize and explain that he was checking on the girl, but this angers Warabihime who rudely calls Zenitsu "ugly and creepy" leaving him shocked. Warabihime looks around to she the room is still a mess and pulls the girl who was crying by the ear, causing her to yell out in pain. The girl apologizes for failing to clean the room, but Warabihime continues to harm the girl, causing her to yell out in agony. Unable to put up with the abuse, the Zenitsu grabs Warabihime by the arm, demanding that she lets go of the girl.

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  • The Obi Demon succeeds in escaping and kidnapping Makio.
  • Zenitsu discovers Daki and confronts her.