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Daki ( () () Daki?) is the seventy-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Two nights before the Demon Slayers arrived at the Entertainment District, the manager of the Kyogoku House, Omitsu, holds a meeting with the oiran of her household. She explains to Warabihime that she has to restrain herself from bullying the other courtesans of the house, to which Warabihime feigns her innocence. Omitsu expresses her frustration at having ignored her behavior explaining that she's gone too far, but Warabihime guilts her by mentioning she brings the money into the household.

Omitsu confronts Warabihime

Omitsu becomes nervous as she mentions a tale she heard from an elder when she was a child, she explains that the elder had recalled a courtesan who was extremely beautiful but had a rotten personality. The courtesan was the oiran of their household and had been around since the elder was a child and was eerily similar to the oiran the elder saw when she was an adult. Coincidentally, the oiran's names both ended in "hime" and had a nasty glare when they were displeased. As Omitsu continues to elaborate, she notices the similarities between the elder's description, and Warabihime. However before she questions the validity of her race, Warabihime transforms into her original appearance as Daki and pulls Omitsu from the house.

As the fly into the night sky, Daki eerily remarks that the people around her had managed to survive by remaining silent on the atrocities they've witnessed, until tonight. Omitsu fearfully brandishes a knife revealing her intentions to kill Daki, however she berates Omitsu for being more stupid than she believed and bids her goodbye before dropping her to her death.

Muzan praises Daki

Daki nonchalantly lands on a nearby rooftop and struts away as the citizens discover Omitsu dead on the ground. When she returns to her room, discovers Muzan Kibutsuji awaiting and humbly greets him. Muzan comments on her appearance and speculates shes eaten a large amount of humans, he proudly congratulates her and cautions her to not act recklessly. Daki complies and receives information regarding the possible arrival of the Demon Slayers, and is encouraged by Muzan to become even stronger and crueler than she was before.

The flashback ends and returns to the present situation of Zenitsu confronting Warabihime. She becomes angry and slams him into the wall, rendering him unconscious. She openly voices her disgust and demands that he never touch her again and eerily remarks that she will administer harsh discipline. The comotion causes Omitsu's husband to rush over and apologize for 'Zenko's' actions, but begs her to forgive him as they prepare for customers. Warabihime has a sudden change of character and apologizes to the manager while he quickly orders for her room to be cleaned.

As Warabihime leaves the room, she has her doubts about Zenitsu and realizes that he isn't an ordinary human, and might possibly be a member of the Demon Slayers. In her cleaned room, she can be seen ominously laughing to herself as she openly welcomes the idea of Demon Slayers arriving to the district, promising she'll eat all of them. The chapter ends with Tanjiro looking into the night uneasily, as he comments on the "dark and murky" smell the town has at night.

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  • Two days before Tanjiro and company arrive at the district, the manager of the Kyogoku house is killed and Muzan visits Daki.
  • Zenitsu is knocked unconscious by Daki's attack.