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Various Feelings (それぞれの (おも) Sorezore no omoi?) is the seventy-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with the manager being informed of Zenko's sudden disappearance from the Kyogoku House. The staff member explains that "she" had disappeared after being left to rest, however the mention of Zenko angers the manager and he tells the staff member to forget about Zenko. The manager chases her out before expressing his frustration at having to submit to Warabihime's desires.

Tengen informs the boys that Zenitsu has disappeared.

Elsewhere on a rooftop, Inosuke can be seen explaining the demon he saw in the Ogimoto House, to Tanjiro. His exotic description and excitement, worries Tanjiro and he tells him to calm down until Tengen and Zenitsu arrive for a meeting. Tengen stealthily arrives undetected proclaims that Zenitsu will not be arriving, he also mentions that he might've put the boys in immediate danger.

Inosuke explains the Demon Slayer Ranks

Tengen tells Inosuke and Tanjiro that they must leave the district before the Upper Rank Demon makes their move, and announces he will be continuing the mission alone. Tanjiro tries to argue against his decision, however Tengen quickly leaves as fast as he arrived. Tanjiro begins to wonder if they aren't trustworthy due to being members of the lowest Demon Slayer rank, but Inosuke interrupts to inform him that they're climbed the ranks. He flexes his hand, and shows Tanjiro the Kanoe rank which appears, telling their status. Confused by the revelation, Inosuke explains to Tanjiro that following the Final Selection, their hands were marked with a Wisteria Flower engraving. Tanjiro is left slightly embarrassed at not knowing how to check, but Inosuke promptly tells him to cheer up.

Tanjiro gets back on track and tells Inosuke he will meet him outside the Ogimoto House once night falls, claiming that he wants to finish investigating the Tokito House before he leaves, which angers Inosuke. He pinches Tanjiro by the cheek and tells him to follow him at that moment, but Tanjiro explains that there might be a secret passage hidden beneath the household that might lead to the Demon. He tells Inosuke that he thinks Tengen's wives are still alive as well as Zenitsu, and he asks him to comply in order to successfully save them. Inosuke smiles and lets Tanjiro know that he was thinking the exact same thing, and agrees to the plan.

Daki appears before Koinatsu

Back at the Tokito House, Koinatsu has finished with her preparations and is visited by Tanjiro. He arrives without his disguise and informs Kointatsu that he is leaving the house and asks her to pass on his payment for the meals he's had. She asks why he's dressed that way, and explains that he's actually a boy while apologizing to her, but to his surprise, she claims she knew all along and wondered what he was up to. He tells her that he hopes to save the individuals who have disappeared from the house, and she expresses her relief while also saying she'll be leaving as well.

They wish each other well and say their goodbyes before Tanjiro leaves the room, but when Koinatsu hears a sound, she turns around to discover Daki standing right behind her. The chapter concludes with Tanjiro smelling the arrival of the Upper Rank Demon.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Zenitsu goes missing.
  • Tanjiro bids farewell to the Tokito House.
  • Daki appears in Koinatsu's room.