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In Various Places (それぞれの () (しょ) Sorezore no Basho De?) is the seventy-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The ninju delivering Inosuke's Nichirin Blades.

At the Ogimoto House, Inosuke can be seen complaining as he waits for Tanjiro to arrive. Since their time to meet is long overdue, Inosuke becomes fed up and decides to begin the mission alone. He jumps with such force that he bursts through the ceiling, and calls for the mice to bring his swords. These mice are Tengen's servants who have been especially trained to act on missions. As Inosuke changes and makes his leave, a member of the staff can be seen with horrified expression as she sees Inosuke with his boars mask.

Tengen threatens the manager.

Over at the Kyogoku House, Omitsu's husband is seen holding a kimono in his hand. In just moments, Tengen appears in the room and holds a kunai to his throat, demanding to know the whereabouts of Hinatsuru and Zenko. The man quickly reveals that Zenko had suddenly disappeared and that Hinatsuru was sick, therefore she was sent to a low-end brothel. Tengen questions the man further, and asks who thinks is responsible for causing the trouble within the house, however the man begins to hyperventilate. Tengen reassures him that he can be trusted and will exact revenge on the individual responsible.

The man envisions his deceased wife and informs Tengen that its Warabihime who's causing the problems, he also informs him that she has the north room "where sunlight never falls." The man stops talking for a moment, and quickly turns around however by that point Tengen has already left. The man is left alone in the room, holding his wife's bloody kimono. When Tengen arrives to the room, he's discovered that the Demon is not there and is probably out hunting. He quickly leaves to search for Hinatsuru and swears he will return to defeat the Demon with his own hands.

Daki appears in Koinatsu's room.

Elsewhere, Tanjiro has discovered Daki within Koinatsu's room, as she attempts to kidnap her within her obi. Daki informs him that she will not be eating him since he is "dirty and old", meaning that only a Hashira will suffice her appetite. Tanjiro yells at her to release Koinatsu, however his demands irritate Daki and she lashes out, throwing him from the building. Tanjiro is left stunned from her immense speed and power, but he manages to regain his composure and stands back up on his feet. He begins to analyze the situation and realizes that her obi has a special power that can swallow people whole.

At that moment, Daki climbs out of the window amazed that Tanjiro is still alive. Tanjiro apologizes to Nezuko after realizing one of the shoulder straps is broken, he tells her that he has to leave her and warns her to not come out of the box unless her life is in danger. He initiates his attack against Daki by using the Water Breathing, Fourth Form: Striking Tide, Turbulent to attempt to slash at her obi. He successfully manages to perform an aerial attack against Daki, and slices off the end of the obi that was holding Kointasu captive. The chapter ends with Daki eerily proclaiming that Tanjiro makes her sick and compares him to a dying rat, before expressing that she likes his demeanor.

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  • Inosuke prepares his mission without Tanjiro.
  • Tengen heads off to find Hinatsuru.
  • Tanjiro begins his battle against Daki.