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Roar ( (とどろ) Todoroku?) is the seventy-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tengen's arrival at the Kirimise ward

After arriving at one of the Kirimise houses, Tengen is seen caring for his wife, Hinatsuru. She tells him to leave her to go investigate the loud sounds heard within the district, but before he can do so, she apologizes to him for failing to complete the mission.

When she initially arrived at Yoshiwara, Hinatsuru was placed in the Kyogoku House to investigate. She realized that the Warabihime was the demon but could not make any haste decisions. In an attempt to escape and avoid suspicion, Hinatsuru drank poison and pretended to fall ill. However, she was gifted an obi by the oiran to spy on her and ultimately kill her if she did anything suspicious.

Tengen comforts Hinatsuru and tells her she did well during the mission, revealing the defeated obi in the background. He advises her to leave the district as soon as the antidote takes effect to which she agrees and they embrace.

Tengen uses Roar to enter the cavern

As Tengen leaves the houses and heads back to the battlefield, he tries to listen for the sounds of the Demon and hears the vibrations coming from an underground cavern. He pulls out his blades and uses Sound Breathing, First Form: Roar to slam onto the floor causing a large explosion, which can be heard by Daki in the distance.

She questions Tanjiro as to how many Demon Slayers are in the district but he refuses to tell her. She tries to strike a deal with him that if he answers her question, she will spare him while simultaneously trying to intimidate him. Daki mentions Tanjiro's chipped sword as as the fact that he has started shaking again, causing him to question his credibility as a Demon Slayer.

He begins to discredit his ability to perform the Water Breathing, compared to Sakonji and Giyu. Tanjiro mentions that he needs to rely on the Hinokami Kagura in order to land powerful blows, but lacks in the ability to perform multiple strikes with it. However, he regains his focus and encourages himself that his training should pay off, he mentally envisions Kyojuro's voice telling him to "Keep [his] heart burning" and manages to perform Hinokami Kagura: Raging Sun to block Daki's obi.

Daki notices the change in his fighting style as Tanjiro cuts off a large section of her obi, as she tries to analyze this change, Tanjiro suddenly bursts towards her. He swings his blade down using Hinokami Kagura: Flame Dance to try and decapitate her, but she narrowly avoids it. As Tanjiro tries to attack her again, Daki gains the upper hand and tries to decapitate Tanjiro with her obi, however Tanjiro utilizes Hinokami Kagura: Fake Rainbow to escape.

Daki is left confused, trying to locate where Tanjiro has disappeared to, but within seconds Tanjiro appears behind her and utilizes Hinokami Kagura: Fire Wheel to attack her once again. The chapter concludes with Tanjiro's blade making contact with Daki's neck.

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  • Tengen rescues Hinatsuru.
  • Tanjiro uses the Hinokami Kagura to close in on Daki.