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Wriggly (ぐねぐね Gunegune?) is the seventy-eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Following his sneak attack from the previous chapter, Daki manages to quickly deflect Tanjiro's attack and sends him flying into the ground. He tries to continue his attack, however he is left exhausted from his use of the Hinokami Kagura and has trouble getting up. As Daki quickly approaches, Tanjiro manages to use the recovery breathing technique to overcome his technique and narrowly avoids Daki's attack. He goes on the offense and attacks Daki, however her obi gets in the way preventing him from defeating her, leaving him with no choice but to raise his body temperature even higher.

Tanjiro recalls an interaction he had with Kiyo Terauchi at the Butterfly Mansion. She begins to worry over Tanjiro's uncontrollable fever, and tells him that she needs to inform Shinobu. Tanjiro tries to reassure that he's fine and to not tell Shinobu, however Kiyo mentions that his fever has been at 100.4 degrees over several days, and it could mean something is wrong. He confesses to her that he's been training with the Hinokami Kagura in order to improve his skills and begs her to hold on a bit before reporting to Shinobu, Kiyo reluctantly agrees but tells him that she will only wait a bit.

Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura after remembering his comrades

Back in the battle against Daki, Tanjiro begins to gasp as the Hinokami Kagure begins to take a toll on his body, but he refuses to let up in order to protect the people of the district. He uses his determination to promise that he won't allow Daki to take another life, and cause people to go through the sadness he and his comrades had to experience. His breath fumes out from his mouth as he prepares to attack Daki yet again.

Inosuke discovers the underground tunnel.

Earlier at the Ogimoto House, a member of the staff can be seen frantically approaching other women, as she claims to have seen a monster. The women are left confused at the woman's unusual claim and she explains that she saw a boar monster destroying the ceiling and the floor. Elsewhere in the house, Inosuke can be seen cackling as he discovers a hole leading to a "Demon Nest." He proudly yells at the hole to prepare itself before trying to dive in headfirst. After realizing that only his head fits, he takes it as a challenge and begins to snap his body, claiming he can dislocate the joints in his body. All while frightening the daylights out of the staff that's observing him. He manages to slither through the opening, and travels through the tunnel until he reaches the main cavern.

The women trapped in the obi.

Once he arrives, he discovers the long trails of the obi draped throughout the cavern. As he takes a closer look, he can see multiple people being held captive within the obi and discovers Zenitsu knocked out among them as well. As he tries to wake him up, the obi begins to move demanding to know why Inosuke is there. The chapter concludes with Inosuke being disgusted by the worm-like obi.

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  • Tanjiro's battle against Daki continues.
  • Inosuke discovers and enters the underground cavern.