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Air Hole ( (かざ) (あな) Kazaana?) is the seventy-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Inosuke begins his assault against the Obi by slicing sections of it while simultaneously insulting it. The women who were held captive begin to slip out from the sections, causing the obi to panic at the situation. The obi analyzes Inosuke's natural abilities and has trouble formulating a plan, however Daki's conscious takes control, and she orders the obi to capture him alive. As Inosuke prepares to slice another section, the obi suddenly becomes more elastic, and folds along Inosuke's blade.

Inosuke attacks the obi.

Before the obi can attack him, Inosuke gains the upper hand by maneuvering to perform Beast Breathing, Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite, however the obi manages to distract him. The obi mentions Inosuke's failure at protecting the individuals he's freed, claiming that it can easily just swallow them up again. It proceeds to move towards the unconscious individuals, however a Kunai flies in out of nowhere, causing the obi to retract.

Makio and Suma escape the obi.

Two women appear holding Kunai and agree with Inosuke's description of the "worm-like" obi, and begin to attack it. They explain to Inosuke that they're there to help him and will protect the others from the obi. Inosuke reluctantly agrees but asks them who they are, to which they reveal they're Tengen's missing wives, Suma and Makio.

Makio begins to scold Suma who sulks after revealing she was the first one who was captured, she also begins to cry as she realizes that they can't help everyone and are most likely going to die. The obi seems pleased by Suma's pessimistic attitude and questions who it should eat first, but before it can get the chance to attack, Zenitsu quickly attacks the obi. Amazed by his skill, Inosuke comments that he probably shouldn't wake Zenitsu up and Suma and Makio question his identity.

Tengen arrives in the cavern.

The obi is left amazed by Zenitsu's speed but tries to understand the sounds it heard, it specifically mentions that there were two sounds like thunder. One sound came from Zenitsu, but when the obi finally recognizes the source of the second sound, the ceiling explodes and breaks down.

Suma looks up into the distance and a silhouette can be seen from the individual who dropped into the hole. Tengen brandishes his blades as he takes a deep breath, and within seconds, slashes the obi within his vicinity. Makio turns around and calls out to Tengen, who apologizes for taking too long. The chapter concludes with Tengen promising that things are "about to get real flashy."

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Inosuke finds Suma and Makio.
  • Zenitsu is freed from the obi.
  • Tengen arrives in the cavern.