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Big Brother ( (にい) ちゃん Nīchan?) is the eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The vision of Urokodaki

Picking up from the last chapter, Tanjiro leaps up into the air and begins his assault on the Hand demon. Right before he is able to swing his katana, the demon has a sense of nostalgia at the familiarity of this scene and even believes that he is fighting Urokodaki.

Tanjiro swings his katana and is able to successfully penetrate and slice the demon's neck. In his final moments, the demon curses Tanjiro for defeating him and for looking upon him as something unclean and with a look of disgust, he has flashbacks of his past and how he became a demon after killing and eating his brother.

Hand Demon's final moments

As his body disintegrates, holds out his hand as if trying to reach for his brother when he was a child. Witnessing this, Tanjiro is overcome with emotion, and holds his hand praying for him to not become a demon when he is reborn in his next life. The demon begins to shed tears of sadness and is ultimately reunited with his brother in the afterlife.

Tanjiro thinks of Sabito and Makomo and informs them of his victory, he reassures that they as well as the other dead children, can be at peace and return home to Urokodaki. He remarks that if he had died he also would've returned to Mt. Sagiri to be with him as well as Nezuko.

Seven days have passed since Tanjiro defeated the demon and the Final Selection has come to an end, He arrives back to the entrance and is congratulated by the same mysterious twins who welcomed him at the beginning of the selection. He is accompanied by only 3 out of the 20 initial participants and notices that the boy he tried to save was not present.

Tanjiro intervening

The Ubuyashiki twins proceed to inform the survivors of their ranks as mizunoto demon slayers, as well as gift then an assignment crow known as a kasugai crow. Before proceeding, one of the students assaults the moderator pulling her by the hair to demand a katana. Tanjiro intervenes and threatens the student to release her or he'll break his arm. The student, Genya, tests Tanjiro and ultimately has his arm fractured.

Unfazed by the sudden assault on his sister, the other twin, Kiriya, proceeds to have the participants choose an ore which would be welded into their katanas. The chapter ends with a crow informing a mysterious new character of the admission of not four but five new demon slayers into the Corps.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tanjiro defeats the Hand Demon and survives the Final Selection