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Value ( () () Kachi?) is the eightieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Makio recalls her past as Tengen arrives at the large cavern. As a young adult, Makio lived the lifestyle of a kunoichi and was often taught to survive instead of try to accomplish the mission. These ideals were again reiterated into her mindset when she married Tengen, who would tell his wives to always prioritize their lives and return to him alive. He would make sure to let them know that he would take responsibility to protect the public, after protecting them. Makio would often question if his morals were right, however Hinatsuru would reassure her that wanting to live was not immoral.

Tengen encouraging his wives.

Back in the cavern, Tengen greets his wives by patting them on the head and compliments the great work they put in, causing them to tear up as Suma holds on to him and cries. Inosuke calls out to the ""god of festivities" and gets mad at him for allowing the obi to escape, but Tengen loses his temper and defends his wives saying that they saved the people that were trapped. Makio interrupts him to say that they need to leave immediately before things get worse, and he quickly instructs everyone to follow him.

Daki transforms as her obi returns.

Now on the rooftops, Tengen sprints towards the battle field as Inosuke and Zenitsu struggle to catch up. In the middle of the battle between Daki and Tanjiro, the obi comes flying and unexpectedly enters Daki's body. Tanjiro realizes that the obi is returning to Daki's main body and tries to attack her, but she quickly disappears. She reappears on a nearby rooftop as her hair turns white, she squeals with delights as she learns there's a Hashira within the district. At that moment, a bystander discovers Tanjiro acting suspiciously on the street and tells him to stop fighting in front of his shop. Daki overhears the man and becomes enraged by his comment.

Tanjiro becomes enraged by Daki's actions

She lashes out a flurry of attacks on the buildings around her and ends up cutting off the man's arm in the process, she also manages to kill other bystanders in the nearby houses. Tanjiro sees the bloodshed nearby and tells the man to tie a tourniquet around his arm, despite bleeding heavily himself.

Daki begins to walk away after destroying the houses, but Tanjiro tells her he won't allow her to get away with it. Daki cockingly tells him to stop speaking to her since he is just another rotten corpse. The chapter concludes with Tanjiro's heart beginning to beat louder and louder as his eyes fill with rage.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tengen saves everyone in the cavern.
  • The obi returns to Daki, causing her to become more powerful.
  • Tanjiro becomes enraged by Daki's careless destruction.