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Human and Demon ( (にん) (げん) (おに) Ningen to oni?) is the eighty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro’s blade can been seen struggling as it tries to cut through Daki’s obi-like neck. The resisting cloth forces Tanjiro to abandon his attack and escape before Daki has the chance to fight back. However when he tries to recollect his thoughts, Daki charges towards him and tries to slash him. Tanjiro analyzes her movements and has realized that he can see her in slow motion, giving him the advantage. As her wild obi attacks him from multiple directions, Tanjiro manages to pin them all in a single spot and proceeds to charge at her while cutting away at the obi.

Tanjiro slashing Daki's obi with Hinokami Kagura

His flames burn the obi away, and within seconds he comes in to a close proximity to Daki. However just when he is about to decapitate her, Tanjiro envisions his sister Hanako desperately begging her brother to breathe. In that moment Tanjiro loses his focus and begins gasping for air after nearly passing his physical limitations. He collapses onto the ground, finally feeling the pain that he had been suppressing, and his eyes begin to bleed. It is revealed that he had been acting on anger and had been using his "life force" to surpass his limitations, however his sister was able to warn him before he could sustain any life-threatening damage.

Hanako trying to warn Tanjiro

Daki glares down at Tanjiro and berates him for his weakness as a human, she mocks his injuries and slowly approaches him to deliver the final blow. Before she can deliver the attack, a leg comes down and kicks Daki hard behind rupturing her head. Nezuko can be seen boiling with rage as she stands between Tanjiro, whos struggling to breathe on the ground, and Daki. Nezuko recalls the memories of when her family was slaughtered on that snowy night and her rage grows stronger, as she prepares to fight the Upper Rank Demon. Daki's head and face begins to regenerate as she glares holes into Nezuko, she recognizes her as the Demon Muzan Kibutsuji had told her about. Nezuko's face begins to transform as her infinite anger begins to push her forward, leaving the reader wondering what would happen in Nezuko's case, begin a Demon with no physical limitations.

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  • Tanjiro reaches his physical limit against Daki.
  • Nezuko prepares to fight Daki.