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Transformation ( (へん) (ぼう) Henbō?) is the eighty-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Back when Muzan Kibutsuji arrived at the Kyogoku House to see Daki, he had told her to find the Demon who had escaped his grasp like Tamayo. He identifies her as having a hemp patterned kimono as well as a checkerboard obi and tells Daki that she is his last hope to catch Nezuko. Now in the present, Daki promises that she will kill Nezuko and lay her down at Muzan's feet as proof. Nezuko faces Daki and charges to once again try to kick off Daki's head, however Daki is able to cut off Nezuko's leg using her obi. While Nezuko looks down at her bleeding thigh, Daki uses the opportunity to knock her off of the roof, and blast her into a nearby building.

Tanjiro envisions Takeo

As the two Demons are fighting, Tanjiro falls unconscious and envisions his brother, Takeo. In his dream, Takeo mentions how Tanjiro and Nezuko are very alike when they're kind and angry, and goes on to recall an instance when he saw Nezuko get angry. He explains how fearful he was when he saw her and was worried about her lack of concern for herself, mentioning that within an instant, she could've lost everything she holds dear.

Nezuko's transforms

Back in the fight, Daki jumps down from the rooftop and approaches Nezuko whose trapped underneath a pile of rubble. She mocks her for being weak and being a half developed Demon, since she hasn't eaten any Demons. Daki continues to provoke her and cockily says that she will not fight Nezuko anymore, and will simply leave her trapped and expose her to the sun instead. However before Daki can say anything else, Nezuko comes out from the rubble and regenerates her leg in an instant, leaving Daki stunned at her abilities. Nezuko proceeds to instantaneously regenerate her arm, which was cut off as well, leaving Daki uneasy as she realizes that her regenerative abilities are on par with an Upper Rank Demon. Nezuko's body transforms as she breaks her bamboo muzzle, a horn grows out of the right side of her forehead and her body also becomes covered in ivy-like demon crests. Daki gets more intimidated by Nezuko's change in aura and she tries to defend herself from one of her kicks, successfully cutting it off with her obi. However before she can cut Nezuko's head, Daki is still smashed into the ground by Nezuko's kick.

Daki is shocked as Nezuko's leg pierces through her body, pinning her into the ground. She tries to make sense of how Nezuko could've attacked her with the leg she had just sliced off, but lately realizes that Nezuko had instantly regenerated her leg within that moment, admitting that Nezuko's regenerative abilities are greater than her own.

Nezuko begins to slip into a state of mania following her transformation. As Tanjiro still remains in his state of unconsciousness, Takeo desperately taps him on his back begging him for help. He tells Tanjiro to please wake up and help Nezuko who isn't acting like herself anymore, forcing Tanjiro to awaken with concern.

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  • Nezuko undergoes a powerful Demon transformation.
  • Tanjiro awakens after falling unconscious from his injuries.