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What is Important ( (たい) (せつ) なもの Taisetsuna mono?) is the eighty-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


As Daki remains pinned on the ground, she uses her obi to try to free herself from Nezuko's hold. Her obi effectively severs multiple limbs from Nezuko's body but before she gets a chance to scoop them up, Nezuko's severed hand grips onto her obi. Her limbs remain connected by her unusually solidified blood, with some of the blood falling onto Daki. In an instant, Daki is set on fire by the blood causing her to scream out in agony.

Nezuko's limbs wind back to reattach to her body and they self cauterize each cut, she proceeds to forcefully stomp down on Daki's head causing it to erupt in flames. Nezuko continues to stomp multiple times on her head before she kicks forcefully kicks Daki through a nearby building, and into the one behind it. As she follows Daki to continue her assault, Nezuko comes across an injured woman who stares at Nezuko with fear, as she tends to her bleeding wound. Nezuko falls into a trance and charges into the home towards the woman, as she fails to suppress her hunger for blood.

Tanjiro tries to restrain Nezuko

Out of nowhere, Tanjiro jumps on top of Nezuko and uses his blade to act as a muzzle in order to restrain her. He yells at her to fight the hunger and encourages her to be strong, but she lashes out at him and scratches him on the face to try to escape. He apologizes to her for making her fight after smelling the blood that spilled from her injuries, he proceeds to reassure her that her big brother is now there to protect her and that she can now heal herself. Nezuko manages to regain her footing and she jumps through the ceiling with Tanjiro on her back, causing an intense amount of damage to the house. As Tanjiro struggles to restrain his sister, the walls of the room are seemingly slashed as Daki barges into the room with her burned face.

Daki's burnt appearance

She is seen teething with anger as she is forced to regenerate her burned body, and angrily approaches the siblings. Tanjiro becomes conflicted on what to do as he realizes that there are nearby bystanders he needs to protect, but also needs to defend Daki's attack without releasing Nezuko. As Tanjiro makes his decision to protect the public, Tengen Uzui suddenly appears before him and expresses his surprise at Nezuko's "flashy" demonization.

Tengen goes on to comically berate Tanjiro for speaking highly of Nezuko's ability to restrain herself back at the Ubuyashiki estate, despite him struggling to restrain her now. Daki sees Tengen and excitedly reacts to Hashira arriving before her, but is coldly told to shut up. Tengen tells her to scram and says that she is too weak to be an Upper Rank Demon.

The chapter concludes with Daki's decapitated head falling onto her lap leaving her stunned as to what had just transpired.

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  • Tanjiro is forced to restrain Nezuko from attacking a bystander
  • Tengen arrives and decapitates Daki.