Weeping ( (おお) () Ō naki?) is the eighty-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Nezuko cries

Nezuko cries after Tanjiro's lullaby makes her come to her senses

Tanjiro is shocked by Uzui Tengen's swift victory over Daki, but the Sound Pillar reminds him that the fight isn't over, as his sister is still out of control. Tanjiro struggles to restrain her, with Tengen suggesting he sing her a lullaby. Nezuko jumps out of the window, taking her brother with her, continuing to struggle viciously as they fall. Realizing his words aren't reaching her, Tanjiro asks his mother what he should do, and then remembers Tengen's earlier advice to sing Nezuko a lullaby.

Daki throws a tantrum

Daki begins to throw a tantrum over Tengen denying her Upper Moon status

He begins to sing her a song that their mother had sung in the past, and while her actions were unchanged at first, his lullaby soon reached her. Nezuko remembered asking their mother about the song when she was young, causing her to break out in tears. Her transformation receding, Nezuko came to her senses, promptly falling asleep. Tanjiro briefly celebrated this, as Daki screamed at Tengen for cutting her head off, who told her to die quietly. The enraged Demon reminded him that he had denied her Upper Moon status, which he affirms, but she is insistent, much to his annoyance.

Gyutaro confronts Tengen

Emerging from her body, Daki's brother confronts Tengen

To the Pillar's astonishment, Daki begins to throw a tantrum, while he notes that she has been talking for far too long, while showing no signs of dying. Still throwing her tantrum, Daki calls out to her "onii-chan", a male Demon emerging from her body after she does so. Tengen immediately attacks the two, but his blades hit nothing but air. On the other side of the room, the male Demon comforts Daki, asking that she at least reattach her own head. Tengen wonders why Daki is still alive after being beheaded, as well as the presence of the new Demon, who he comments has great reaction speed. The male Demon tells Daki to heal her burn, complimenting her good looks, and wounds Tengen when he attempts to attack them again. Complimenting the Pillar on stopping his attack, the male Demon prepares to continue the attack.

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