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Gyutaro (妓夫 (ぎゅう) () (ろう) Gyūtarō?) is the eighty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Within the Entertainment District there are men known as "gyu's" or barkers, who work to attract customers to enter the brothels. Gyutaro worked as one of these men, and eventually named himself using the word "gyu." Inside one of the brothels, Gyutaro and Tengen are about to engage in combat but before they do so, Gyutaro begins to analyze Tengen's appearance. He comments about his nice face, good skin, and height mentioning that he must attract a lot of attention from women. Gyutaro begins to eerily scratch at his face until he begins to bleed, and voices his jealousy over Tengen's looks.

In the corner of the room, Daki can be seen crying as she whines at Gyutaro to kill the other Demon Slayers who burned her as well. She proceeds to tell him that they "ganged" up on her and she tried her hardest to kill her, causing Gyutaro to seethe with anger. Using two large sickles, he creates a flurry of large arc-like slashes aiming them towards Tengen.

Elsewhere in the district, Tanjiro can be seen carrying Nezuko as he rushes to put her away to safety. He looks up into the sky and sees the sickles return back in the direction that they came like a boomerang, he becomes concerned when he smells Tengen's blood and rushes to return to to help. At that moment, Inosuke and Zenitsu can be seen prancing towards him as they comically announce their arrival. Tanjiro quickly informs them to help Tengen and Inosuke reassures him that he's going to be "reeeeal" flashy, before pardoning Tanjiro to put Nezuko in her box.

Gyutaro using his Blood Demon Art

Back at the brothel, Gyutaro seethes with jealousy after witnessing how "cool" Tengen looks by protecting the bystanders within the home, causing him to brag about his appearance and marriage to three women. Gyutaro pauses in astonishment before furiously scratching his face after hearing of Tengen's polygamy, he proceeds to use his Blood Demon Art: Flying Blood Sickles to try to kill the Hashira, but Tengen manages to block it. A large explosion causes the floor beneath Tengen to give in and he manages to escape by dropping down one floor, however Gyutaro commands his sickles to turn and they come straight for Tengen, yet again.

Daki fights alongside Gyutaro

By this point, Tengen has realized Gyutaro's ability to change the sickles direction and tries to formulate a plan on how to defeat the siblings. He therorizes that in order to kill the Demons, he would need to cut off Gyutaro's head instead of Daki's and he tries to test it out. Tengen grabs 3 small balls and throws them into the air, he proceeds to aim for them and precisely hits them to cause an explosion within the brothel.

As the brothel begins to crumble, Tengen is seen standing on the rubble as he admits it won't be easy to defeat the Demons. He looks at the large obi ball before him, and the siblings emerge unscathed as they confidently proclaim that they fight as one.

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  • Tanjiro sends Inosuke and Zenitsu to help Tengen.
  • Tengen is left to face Daki and Gyutaro simultaneously.