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Gathering ( (しゅう) (けつ) Shūketsu?) is the eighty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After successfully finding the box and returning Nezuko inside, Tanjiro quickly tries to return to the battlefield in order to assist Tengen Uzui.

Tengen becomes fed up with Gyutaro's comments

Back at the battlefield, Gyutaro scowls as he mentions Tengen's supreme abilities, calling him different and talented compared to the other Hashira he's killed. His comments somewhat irritate Tengen and he berates him for thinking that he's talented compared to other people on the planet, calling him ignorant. He grows more and more angry as he recalls the people he's lost over the years despite being called the supposed "chosen" individual by Gyutaro. After listening to him speak, Gyutaro grows irritated at the fact that he has not died yet, revealing that his poison drenched sickles should have killed him.

Tengen explains that he has built a resistance to poison as he was raised in a shinobi household with nine siblings, but by the age of fifteen, seven of them had already died. His father was a cold and heartless individual who would regularly forced them to undergo intense training and as a result, his brother adopted the same ruthless and cold hearted personality. Unable to understand that type of mindset, Tengen left his clan alongside his wives, and approached Kagaya Ubuyashiki to become members of the Corps. Kagaya had warned them it would be hard to reject the values they were raised in, but openly welcomed and thanked Tengen's family for deciding to put their lives at risk to protect others.

Tengen attacks the siblings

In the present, Gyutaro notices the deterioration in Tengen's physical state and becomes gleeful when he realizes that his poison is slowly taking effect. Tengen proceeds to refute his claim saying that he is still in pristine condition and charges forward to attack the siblings. As they engage in a battle, Tengen manages to kick Daki away from Gyutaro and releases numerous dark beads which cause a cluster of explosions. By setting a distraction, Tengen attempts to decapitate Gyutaro while only hold the tip of one end of his blades but it is promptly blocked by the Demon.

As both sides reassess the situation, Daki is left whining as she pathetically reattaches her head to her body once again. Gyutaro confronts Tengen about discovering the method on how to defeat them but he feigns his innocence pretending not to notice.

Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to assist in the battle.

Despite Tengen's discovery, Gyutaro cockingly says that despite knowing their weakness, Tengen will still die from the poisoning since the Demons have the advantage in the battle. At that moment, Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to question the validity of Gyutaro's claim that they're going to win. The two boys flamboyantly announce their arrival to the fight which confuses everyone at the moment, but then Tanjiro drops down from the ceiling above them and stands between the injured Tengen and the Demons, preparing to fight.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tengen's backstory is revealed and he nearly decapitates both Demons.
  • Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu arrive to assist Tengen.