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How to Defeat Them ( (たお) (かた) Taoshikata?) is the eighty-eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Makio and Suma can be seen frantically trying trying to evacuate the citizens of the district as the battle resumes against the Demons. Gyutaro tries to discourage and the three new arrivals and manages to intimidate Tanjiro, however Tengen Uzui comes up behind them and proudly announces that they're going to win. As Daki finishes reattaching her head, she loudly doubts his words by saying that they can't win since the Hashira has been poisoned.

Tanjiro envisions Kyojuro when Tengen speaks.

Unfazed, Tengen once again proudly announces their intent to win and speaks highly of the three boys. Looking back at him, Tanjiro sees the persona of Kyojuro Rengoku emitting from Tengen as he speaks which excites Inosuke.

Gyutaro attacks Tanjiro.

Gyutaro and Daki get riled up and reveal that they've eaten 15 and 7 Hashira respectively, and begin to attack the group. As Daki attempts to attack Tengen and Tanjiro from behind, Zenitsu bursts through the home within seconds to block the attack as Inosuke follows him. Now on the rooftop, Daki finally recognizes Zenitsu from the Kyogoku House and he demandingly commands her to apologize to the girl whom he had found crying earlier. She mocks his speech by revealing that women are treated like merchandise within the district and as the orian, she was allowed to do as she pleased with other people since she was the main breadwinner of the house. When she looks up at Zenitsu, a third eye appears on Daki's forehead revealing that Gyutaro can see them via her new eye.

Back in the brothel, Tanjiro becomes intimidated by Gyutaro's evil aura but formulates a plan to counter his attacks and protect Tengen. However, the Demon manages to rush towards Tanjiro within an instant and catch him off guard, narrowly piercing him through his jaw. Before he can do so, Tengen grabs Tanjiro by the nape of his clothes and throws him to safety before engaging in battle with Gyutaro.

Zenitsu and Inosuke face Daki

As he crash lands and looks back to see the two fighting, Tanjiro senses an ominous object approaching them from above, and Daki's obi can be seen crashing down all around them. On the rooftop, Daki can be heard cackling as she admits she is now displaying her full strength since Gyutaro is awake and allowing her to used his enhanced senses. Zenitsu and Inosuke can be seen covered in cuts and wounds as they prepare to engage with Daki in battle. The chapter concludes with Gyutaro disregarding Tengen's claims of the boys being Tsuguko, undermining their capabilities as swordsmen.

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  • Tanjiro and Tengen face Gyutaro in battle.
  • Zenitsu and Inosuke face Daki in battle.
  • Gyutaro gives Daki one of his eyes to make her attacks more powerful.