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A Close Fight ( (こん) (せん) Konsen?) is the eighty-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tengen using String Performance

The Demon Slayers can be seen engaging in battle with the two Demons of the Entertainment District, fighting ferociously on the rooftop and inside one of the brothels. As the building begins to collapse, Tengen Uzui finds himself getting cornered between two of Gyutaro's attacks however Tanjiro jumps in and manages to protect him from the slashes. Tengen proceeds to use Sound Breathing, Fifth Form: String Performance to try to corner Gyutaro, but Daki's obi interferes and protects her brother from the attacks.

Hinatsuru using her Kunai box

Tengen begins to be pushed back by the obi, however Tanjiro moves in to cut the obi and tries to distract Gyutaro. The Hashira is left amazed at Tanjiro's endurance despite suffering a serious shoulder wound and realizes that Tanjiro had tied his sword to his hand to prevent him from dropping it due to exhaustion. Meanwhile on the rooftop, Inosuke and Zenitsu can be seen struggling as they try to evade the attacks from Daki's obi. The boys realize that Daki is know attacking them with the blood blades used by Gyutaro, making it impossible for them to approach her.

Now that the brothel has been destroyed, Tengen and Tanjiro are left to fight Gyutaro and the obi beneath the night sky. On a nearby rooftop, Hinatsuru appears carrying a large box filled with kunai darts and proceeds to launch dozens of them down below onto Gyutaro. At first he is left confused behind the random attack, but then Gyutaro utilizes his Blood Demon Art: Rampant Arc Rampage to deflect them away from him.

Gyutaro using his Blood Demon Art

Gyutaro is left shocked when Tengen proceeds to attack him despite getting pierced with the darts. He attempts to decapitate him with his sickle, however Tengen manages to evade his attack and successfully cut off his legs. At that moment, Gyutaro is struck on the neck by one of the kunai darts and fails to regenerate his feet, realizing that the darts were coated with Wisteria extract.

As his body begins to go numb, Tanjiro closes in on him to try to decapitate Gyutaro, leaving him seething with curiosity as the Demon Slayers quickly gain the upper hand.

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  • Hinatsuru arrives to assist Tengen and Tanjiro.