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Grateful ( (かん) (しゃ) する Kansha suru?) is the ninetieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The kunai darts which were utilized by Hinatsuru were revealed to be coated in a poison which would generally paralyze a Demon for half a day, or possibly immobilize a Lower Rank. She can be seen on a nearby rooftop pleading for the poison to work for even just a moment, as the Demon Slayers attempt to decapitate Gyutaro. However at that moment, Gyutaro manages to regenerate his legs and proceeds to attack them at a close vicinity.

Gyutaro uses his Blood Demon Art

He uses his Blood Demon Art, Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Scythes to emit numerous blood slashes to attack them. Before they can reach him, Tengen Uzui grabs hold of Tanjiro and throws him back to protect him from the attack. Within seconds, Tengen uses Sound Breathing, Fourth Form: Constant Resounding Slashes to deflect Gyutaro's attack but finds that he has disappeared from sight. To his horror he looks up to roof to see that Gyutaro has managed to capture Hinatsuru and is about to kill her.

Tanjiro saves Hinatsuru from Gyutaro.

Tengen tries to save her however Daki's obi blocks him from reaching her. He thinks back to a moment in the past when Hinatsuru had asked to retire from the Corps following their mission, specifically remembering her asking to not harbor any regrets if any of them were to die. Back in the present, Tengen yells at Gyutaro to stop as he tries to push through. Tanjiro comes close to the building and tries to use the Hinokami Kagura to reach her however his body refuses to listen to him. Tanjiro quickly changes tactics and uses a form of the Water Breathing to quickly save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro.

Realizing that he managed to save Hinatsuru, Tanjiro decides to utilize both the Water Breathing as well as the Hinokami Kagura in order to increase his attacking power. Gyutaro is left surprised by Tanjiro's unexpected maneuver and charges at him. However at that moment, Tengen comes behind Gyutaro and swings his blade at Gyutaro's neck while openly yelling that he owes Tanjiro.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Hinatsuru is held captive by Gyutaro.
  • Tanjiro saves Hinatsuru from Gyutaro and Tengen moves in to decapitate him.