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Worm, Simpleton, Stupid Coward ( (むし) ケラボンクラのろまの () () Mushi Kerabonkura Noroma no Funuke?) is the ninety-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Having successfully decapitated Daki, Inosuke can be seen escaping with her head in order to prevent her from reattaching it to her body. He tells the other boys not to worry about him and to instead help Tengen, but before he can get to safety, Daki uses her hair to put up a resistance.

Gyutaro stabs Inosuke to rescue his sister.

He manages to put a stop to her resistance but before he can get away, Gyutaro appears behind him and impales him through the chest. Tanjiro looks on in horror as Gyutaro grabs Daki's head while Inosuke collapses on the roof, he then looks down on the ground and is once again horrified to see Tengen laying bleeding and unresponsive on the ground. Zenitsu tries to warn Tanjiro of the oncoming obi attack, but before he can escape, the roof collapses from beneath him and Tanjiro falls to the ground seemingly buried beneath the rubble. As he falls unconscious, he apologizes to everyone and specifically to Nezuko for losing the battle.

Nezuko appears while Tanjiro is unconscious.

In his dream, Nezuko can be seen telling him to stop apologizing for any faults in their lives or for feeling unworthy. She reassures him that it isn't his fault that their lives were ruined and tells him they'll work together to make a better future for themselves. Nezuko begins to cry as her body morphs from her human form to her Demon form and she pleads for him to never apologize for any regrets and tells him she understands how he feels.

Tanjiro awakens from his dream and tries to recollect his thoughts but before he gets up, Gyutaro can be seen standing over him, questioning if he's still alive. Gyutaro takes it upon himself to tell Tanjiro that Inosuke was pierced through the heart, Zenitsu was suffering and trapped beneath the rubble, and Tengen's heart had stopped due to the poison. He proceeds to refer to all of them as pathetic and asks Tanjiro how the Demon in the box is related to him, and he responds by saying she's his younger sister. Gyutaro begins to laugh at Tanjiro's pathetic attempt to protect his sister and tells him he should be using his hands, before proceeding to break his fingers.

Tanjiro makes a final effort to escape.

As Tanjiro withers on the ground in pain, Gyutaro proceeds to berate him for his weakness and pulls him by the hair. He teases Tanjiro and tells him to try to decapitate him, but instead of attacking him, he slaps his hand on a small bag and hangs his head down in defeat. Believing that he broke Tanjiro's fighting spirit, he reveals his grand idea of offering Tanjiro the opportunity to become a Demon for the sake of his sister. Tanjiro suddenly looks up into the sky and Gyutaro asks him if he's trying to hold back his tears but to his surprise, Tanjiro responds that he had been preparing for the moment.

With his face gets close to Gyutaro's, Tanjiro brings his head down and headbutts him with a great force momentarily stunning him. Daki screams at him to get up but as his legs falter, and looks down to discover that a kunai dart has been lodged into his leg. He realizes that when Tanjiro had looked down, he opened a bag given to him by Hinatsuru which contained Wisteria Poison. Tanjiro manages to stand up while Gyutaro remains paralyzed and crouched before him, and uses his remaining strength to swing the blade down onto his neck.

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  • Inosuke is seemingly impaled by Gyutaro.
  • Tanjiro discovers Tengen knocked unconscious and the building collapses beneath him trapping him and Zenitsu.
  • Tanjiro attempts a last effort to defeat the Demons by headbutting Gyutaro.