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Never Give Up ( (ぜっ) (たい) にあきらめない Zettai ni Skiramenai?) is the ninety-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Having regained his footing and subdued Gyutaro, Tanjiro manages to draw his blade onto Gyutaro's neck and press down to try to decapitate him. As he try to forces the blade down, Tanjiro envisions himself in Gyutaro's place and thinks that if he were in his situation, he would want his comrades to kill him before he could live as a Demon.

Zenitsu escapes from the wreckage.

On a nearby rooftop, Daki can be seen rushing to her feet at the sudden change of events to try to help her brother, but before she can get close to them, Zenitsu manages to free himself from the rubble. He attacks her by using Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash to bring her attention to him and then uses Godspeed to quickly attack her neck. Zenitsu pleads with his blade to cut through her neck, since he was given the chance to escape the rubble and attack her while Gyutaro was subdued.

Tengen protects Tanjiro from the sickle.

Tanjiro continues to struggle to try to cut through Gyutaro's neck but before he can do so, Gyutaro manages to emit his blood blades to repel his sword. Tanjiro is knocked off balance as Gyutaro regains his footing, causing them to reengage in battle. Gyutaro gains the upper hand and brings his sickle down onto Tanjiro's neck, however at that moment Tengen, regains his consciousness and protects him from the sickle.

Despite being severely poisoned and missing his left hand, Tengen engages in head to head combat with Gyutaro while remarking that he's perfected the Musical Score Technique. It is revealed that his technique allows him to analyze maneuvers of his opponents and read them like notes on a piece of sheet music. However the poison has hindered his attacking ability meaning that he can only defend Gyutaro's attacks.

Tanjiro gets stabbed through the jaw.

Gyutaro manages to land a powerful attack to the left side of Tengen's face resulting in the loss of his left eye, and proceeds to stab Tengen. Tanjiro yells out to Tengen after witnessing him get stabbed, but Tengen orders him to ignore him and jump. Tanjiro leaps into the air towards Gyutaro and attempts to decapitate him, but is seemingly stabbed through the jaw by Gyutaro's sickle. The Demon begins to panic as they gain the upper hand and pulsate his poison to try to kill Tanjiro, however he proceeds to endure the pain, and swings his blade towards Gyutaro.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tanjiro gains the upper hand and attacks Gyutaro.
  • Zenitsu is freed from the rubble and attacks Daki.
  • Tengen regains consciousness and aids Tanjiro to fight Gyutaro.