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Do Something ( (なん) とかして Nantoka shite?) is the ninety-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


At the beginning of the chapter, it is revealed that the Demon siblings were able to keep the Demon Slayers at bay through a hidden ability. During the battle, Gyutaro was controlling his sister and was able to see through her point of view, giving them the advantage. His poison also affected the Demon Slayers greatly, but there was always a member of the team that would slip through, allowing them to continue the fight.

Tanjiro's Demon Slayer Mark emerges as he attacks Gyutaro

Tanjiro can be seen swinging his blade down onto Gyutaro's neck, despite the Demon's sickle piercing through his jaw. His arm strength isn't enough to slice through his neck so he resorts to forcing his entire body to push through, ignoring the pain. Gyutaro notices the change in Tanjiro's scar as he develops a Demon Slayer Mark and his eyes roll back in his head. The change in his demeanor proves to be too great as Tanjiro's blade cuts through Gyutaro's neck, causing him to panic.

Inosuke assists to decapitate Daki.

Meanwhile, Daki can be seen resisting Zenitsu's attempt to decapitate her. She attempts to use her obi to kill Zenitsu at close range, but Inosuke unexpectedly rushes up revealing that he protected his heart from being stabbed by rearranging his organs. He also reveals that poison has no effect on him since he was raised on the mountains, before proceeding to assist Zenitsu in decapitating Daki.

The three boys let out a roar as they muster out the strength to slice through the Demons necks. After the long battle, Zenitsu and Inosuke manage to decapitate Daki up on the rooftop while Tanjiro can be seen decapitating Gyutaro simultaneously on the ground. Their heads fall onto the ground and roll around until they end up face to face.

The Demon heads are decapitated.

As Gyutaro's body falls onto the ground, Tengen notices something being emitted from it and becomes alarmed. Meanwhile up on a nearby rooftop, Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio have arrived to witness the end of the battle. As Makio begins to bicker with Suma over her behavior, Hinatsuru notices something is amiss down on the battlefield.

She looks down to see Tanjiro struggling to breathe as he bleeds out from his jaw, while trying to slow down the poison. Tanjiro looks over at Tengen who's sitting down in front of him and yelling at him with a panicked expression. However, Tanjiro fails to comprehend his sudden alarm as Tengen looks at him with horror.

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  • Inosuke is revealed to be alive and assists Zenitsu.
  • The trio successfully decapitate the Demons simultaneously.