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Final Moments ( (さい) () Saigo?) is the ninety-fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Underneath the night sky, Nezuko can be seen looking down at her brother with a concerned expression. As Tanjiro begins to regain consciousness, he looks around to see the destroyed buildings around him. Nezuko nudges her brother as a way of letting him know that she was the one who saved him from the destruction.

Tanjiro attempts to get up to search for the others, but his legs give out from beneath him and he collapses onto the ground. He hears someone calling out to him in the distance and recognizes the voice as belonging to Zenitsu, and is unexpectedly picked up and carried by Nezuko. The pair move towards the source of the commotion and discover Zenitsu has awakened from his slumber, not remembering any of the events that had transpired. He tells Tanjiro that he can hear Inosuke's heartbeat get weaker and weaker and points to him laying unconscious nearby.

Nezuko heals Inosuke by setting him on fire.

The siblings rush over to him and Tanjiro attempts to wake Inosuke up, but to his dismay he feels his heart get weaker. Tanjiro begins to panic and thinks of exposing him to sunlight, or sending a crow to Shinobu for help but realizes he doesn't have time for either of the options. His tears begin to well up as Inosuke lays dying before him, but Nezuko comes forward and unexpectedly sets Inosuke on fire. Tanjiro looks on amazed as he witnesses Inosuke's poisoned skin heal right before his eyes, and his comrade suddenly awakens to announce he's hungry. The three rejoice at the fact that he's okay and embrace as Tanjiro begins to sob.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Suma begins to wail loudly while pleading for Tengen to live after winning the battle. Her co-wife, Makio, begins to panic as she realizes the antidote they administered is not working to remove the poison from his body, and Hinatsuru begins to weep. Realizing that he doesn't have much time left to live, Tengen begins to relay his final words to his wives, but is interrupted by Suma's loud wails. Makio becomes enraged at Suma's overreactive cries and begins to pull her by the hair and shove rocks into her mouth to make her be quiet, while Hinatsuru tries to prevent them from bickering. In a comical fashion, Tengen sits spectating as his wives continue to bicker while his final moments slip away, he then realizes that he can no longer move his speak due to the poison.

Nezuko sets Tengen on fire.

Everyone momentarily pauses when Nezuko suddenly appears next to Tengen, they proceed to stare at her as she raises her hand and grabs his arm, before setting him on fire. His wives look on in horror until Suma comically pulls Nezuko away, saying that its too soon to cremate him. To their surprise, Tengen begins to speak again and asks how its possible that the poison has been removed from his body, bringing relief to his wives. Tanjiro subtly explains that Nezuko's Blood Demon Art has somehow managed to remove the poison from their bodies and expresses his relief to know that Tengen is safe. Tengen tries to tell Tanjiro to rest if not he will die from his injuries, but he informs Tengen that he needs to confirm that the Demons have been defeated before he can rest.

The Demon siblings begin to argue as they disintegrate.

The siblings proceed throughout the rubble in search of the Demon's heads, and come across a pool of Demon blood. Tanjiro pulls out an apparatus and decides to collect the blood in order to be studied. Once the blood has been collected, Tamayo's cat familiar, Chachamaru, appears before Tanjiro and he puts it in the box to be delivered to Tamayo.

As the siblings continue their search, Tanjiro smells the scent of the Demon's and guides Nezuko to head towards them. When they arrive, Gyutaro and Daki can be seen viciously arguing over their defeat. Their heads begin to disintegrate as they blame each other for losing the battle, with Gyutaro degrading Daki for being useless. Daki retaliates by saying that someone as ugly as Gyutaro cannot be considered her relative, which leaves Tanjiro looking at them concerned about the hurtful words they are spewing at each other.

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  • Tanjiro discover everyone is safe.
  • Nezuko heals Inosuke and Tengen.
  • Tanjiro collects blood from an Upper Rank.
  • The Kamado siblings discover the Demon heads arguing.