No Matter How Many Lives - Part 1 ( (なん) () () まれ () わっても( (ぜん) (ぺん) ) Nando umarekawatte mo (zenpen)?) is the ninety-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro intervenes

Tanjiro intervenes in the Demon siblings' argument

Daki and Gyutaro continue their argument, the former accusing the latter of not being her brother, while the other vented his frustration over his sister's uselessness and wishing she had never been born. Tanjiro intervenes, stating that Gyutaro was lying, and that they should be getting along, as the two only have each other in their last moments. Annoyed, the two yell at the youth, with Daki finally expiring, crying out for her brother to save her. Distressed, Gyutaro calls out to his sister, calling her by her birth name, Ume.

Gyutaro recalls his past, having been born in the lowest caste of the Red Light District to a prostitute mother. Before she died from syphilis, she tried to kill him many times, even before he was born. Due to his appearance and lack of hygiene, the young Gyutaro was bullied and detested by everyone he met. Things began to change after his sister was born, as her beauty dismissed his inferiority complex, and he used his ugliness, plus his newfound fighting skills, to become an efficient debt collector.

Gyutaro's rage

Gyutaro returns from a job, only to find his sister horribly burned due to the actions of a vengeful samurai

This good fortune would not last, as when Ume turned thirteen, she blinded a samurai with a hairpin, and was subsequently burned alive for her crime. Having been away on his job, Gyutaro returned to find her barely alive, much to his horror and anger. He is then attacked by the same samurai his sister had scarred, who had been led to him by one of the oirans. Before the samurai could finish him off, Gyutaro viciously kills him, as well as the oiran. Due to their reputation and circumstances, nobody would help the pair, until they ran into one of the Upper Moons, who offered to turn them into Demons. Back in the present, Gyutaro adamantly proclaims that he would become a Demon again, no matter how many times he is reborn.

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