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No Matter How Many Lives, Part 2 ( (なん) () () まれ () わっても( (こう) (へん) ) Nando Umarekawatte mo (Kōhen)?) is the ninety-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Having made up, Gyutaro and Daki continue forward into the flames

Gyutaro muses how Daki could have been if he had raised her differently, before taking note of his surroundings. A younger looking Daki appeared behind him, disgusted with their current location and wondering where the exit was. The emaciated man ordered her not to follow him anymore, getting angry when she wouldn't comply. A tearful Daki apologized for her earlier cruel insults, stating that it was because she had not wanted to accept that it was her fault that they had lost. When Gyutaro still refused to let her come with him, Daki tackled him from behind, stubbornly refusing to ever let go, vowing to always be his little sister no matter how often they are reborn, and reminding him of the promise they had made long ago to always stay together. Finally accepting her company, Gyutaro carries his sister into the fire that awaits them.

Hearing the news about the defeat of one of the Upper Ranks, Kagaya is determined to see Muzan defeated in his generation

In the world of the living, Tanjiro and Nezuko watch as the last of the Demon siblings dissolves into the air. Tanjiro wonders if they made up, which Nezuko affirms. Elsewhere, Obanai Iguro attempts to praise Tengen for his defeat of Upper Rank 6, but is disappointed that he beat such a low ranking member of the Twelve Kizuki, as well as lost his left arm and eye. Tengen states his intention to retire as a Hashira, but Obanai refuses to accept this, as there is already a vacant Hashira position and the lower ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps keep on dying without improving. Tengen disagrees with this last point, stating that Tanjiro is definitely improving, while Obanai is surprised he survived the fight.

Elsewhere, Kagaya Ubuyashiki learns of the group's victory and is elated, but is stricken by complications from his illness. He states that this victory will have massive consequences, enough to ensure Muzan Kibutsuji's defeat within their generation, and then collapses into a bout of coughing. At the Infinity Castle, Akaza ponders how his summoning must mean a member of the Upper Ranks has been defeated.

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