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Someone's Dream ( () かの (ゆめ) Dareka no Yume?) is the ninety-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Akaza looks in disbelief as his arm is sliced off by Kokushibo. Doma attempts to defend his subordinate, but Kokushibo still reprimands Akaza for his actions as they soil the relationships between the Upper Ranks, advising him to battle Doma for his spot as Upper Rank 2 instead if he truly is bothered. After hearing this suggestion, Doma interrupts and asserts that Akaza wouldn’t be able to raise his rank, given how much more powerful he was despite becoming a Demon much later than him, a fact that likely contributed to Akaza’s rage. He continues on, describing how he allowed Akaza to use violence on him as a way to get along with him.

Kokushibo ignores Doma and asks Akaza if he understood what he meant. Akaza confirms, declaring that he will definitely defeat him one day, receiving a word of good luck from his superior as he leaves the fortress. Doma tries to start a conversation with Akaza, but he also ignores him as he exits. Gyokko then asks Nakime to send him and Hantengu to their next destination, in which the Biwa Demon complies to. She additionally sends Doma back to his cult when he tries to talk to her, after which he mopes over his colleagues’ unfriendliness.

Sumiyoshi apologizes to his friend.

Somewhere else, a man is seen sitting in a house as another individual, Sumiyoshi, brings him tea and some food. The man thanks his friend for the hospitality, in which the latter apologizes for his wife being asleep and his child having to be babysat by a guest. He tells him not to worry about the situation and that he shouldn’t continue receiving meals for free from his friend. Sumiyoshi denies this, revealing that his family was saved by him and their lives were thanks to him. He also offers to pass down his guest’s tale as he didn’t have any successors, even if his family were just simple coal-burners.

Kanao finds that Tanjiro has woken up.

Sumiyoshi is gently turned down by his friend, as he states that his heritage will find its way back itself and that no matter what, it will return. He then says that, despite Sumiyoshi viewing him as powerful, he was unable to protect what was important to him and had little worth.

Tanjiro internally begs the man to not think of himself like that and cries as he wakes up from the dream, heavily bandaged and hooked up to multiple IVs. He tries to figure out where he is and is suddenly interrupted by a falling vase. Kanao stands in shock at the doorway and reveals that Tanjiro had been unconscious for two months, tearfully stating that she’s glad he’s awake.

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  • The Upper Ranks meeting is concluded.
    • Gyokko and Hantengu get sent to their next location.
  • Tanjiro sees the memory of Yoriichi and Sumiyoshi.
  • Tanjiro regains consciousness after the events at Yoshiwara, Tokyo.