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Demons never grow old. And they don't need money to eat. They don't get sick. They don't die. They have nothing to lose. [...] We beautiful, powerful demons... can do anything we want!

Daki ( () () Daki?) was one of the primary antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She was a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, being the secondary holder of the position of Upper Rank Six ( (じょう) (げん) (ろく) Jōgen no Roku?),[5] a position she shared with the primary holder, her older brother, Gyutaro.[6]

Over a century ago, Daki was a human child by the name of Ume ( (うめ) Ume?), who lived in the Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, the lowest class of the Entertainment District,[7] before she and Gyutaro were turned into demons personally by Doma, who was Upper Rank Six at the time.[8]


Daki was a tall and curvaceous woman with lime green eyes, long eyelashes, and very pale skin. Her initially black hair was styled in a full, long ponytail with kanzashi hairpins (three on each side) holding up the ponytail. The kanji for "Upper Rank" ( (じょう) (げん) Jōgen?) was engraved in Daki's left eye and the daiji for "Six" ( (ろく) Roku?) was engraved on the right. She had a pink flower-patterned obi wrapped around her waist, used as her Blood Demon Art. She sported 2 pink flower-like demon crests on her face, one on her cheek and another on her forehead. She wore a two-piece version of her kimono consisting of magenta pink panties tied by long, black bows on the sides and with two magenta pieces of cloth that cover her chest. She had magenta thigh-high stockings with black flower patterns and tall three-legged sanmaiba/koma-geta or mitsu-ashi shoes. After Daki's obi sashes return to her, black cracks appear on various parts of her body and her hair shifts from black to pale white with lime green tips,[9] matching her original hair color when she was human.[10] When her elder brother Gyutaro awakens, he implants his left eye into Daki's forehead upside-down, creating black ink-like markings (similar to the markings covering Gyutaro's body) around the eye as well.[11]

Under her disguise as an oiran, she appeared to abide to the characteristics of the oiran/tayū, her hair being the typical date-hyōgo style having numerous Ōgi bira kanzashi hairpins both decorating and supporting it as well as wearing traditional makeup. She also hid the flower-like crests on her face. Daki also possessed a multi-colored eye as a further disguise to her demonic nature, with the top half in a terracotta orange color and the bottom half in a lime green color with black thin pupils. She also wore a large white haori with black five-faced pentagonal shaped patterns near the cuffs and hem, with a dark magenta-colored Susohiki/Hikizuri (trailing skirt) kimono and a purple juban under all of it, keeping fragments of her Blood Demon Art as her obi.

Before she turned into a demon, Daki was a young girl with long, disheveled white hair with messy bangs along with pale lipstick and lapis blue eyes with long lashes. She wore a torn, pale pink kimono with an irregular square patterns with a horizontal lines across it. She was described to be so pretty that her beauty can make adults falter.[12]



Daki killing Omitsu

Daki's prideful and dismissive disposition.

Daki was a very prideful, dismissive, and sadistic person, taking enjoyment in toying with her victims before killing them and not showing the slightest bit of guilt or remorse for taking the lives of her victims.[13][14] She thought very highly of herself, dismissing all non-Hashira Demon Slayers as not worth her time,[15] and getting incensed when Tanjiro Kamado spoke to her, because she looked down on him.[16] This was also shown when Daki said that she might spare Tanjiro if he told her how many Demon Slayers are present in the Entertainment District, and when Daki openly expressed how slow the Demon Slayer's techniques were and her boredom,[17] which further showcased her arrogant and dismissive personality.

Daki pulls a girl's ear

Daki's cruel nature.

Despite being over a hundred years old, she displayed childish and bratty tendencies such as throwing tantrums, crying hysterically when things didn't go her way, and lashing out against anyone to vent her frustrations. Putting her venomous hostility on full display numerous times, she was both verbally and physically abusive towards anybody that displeased her in any way. She had a certain number of habits that were well recorded in history, in particular: her use of the word for princess, "Hime", at the end of any of the identities she assumed, because she believed her to be worth more than others, and a habit of angling her head to the sides and glaring at others while sitting when criticized.[18]As an oiran, Daki was extremely cruel and wicked, pulling on a young girl's ear because she didn't clean up her room, yelling at any attendant or aide in the Kyogoku House and punching Zenitsu Agatsuma into the other room for merely touching her. She also preferred to only eat people that she viewed as beautiful or strong, choosing to kill those who got on her nerves without eating them and leaving their bodies behind, which people often mistook as suicide.

Daki displayed a spoiled and disdainful demeanor that bordered on sociopathic behavior, harassing many of her fellow workers to the point of suicide, purely because they annoyed or retorted her, all the while showing no traces of guilt. In fact, she deflected the blame onto her victims for offending her. Her great pride in herself meant that she had no respect for anyone, not even her House's owners, rubbing on their faces that she was their central source of income as both a way to display her status and halt their objections towards her. She was so drunk on her standing and infamously violent tendencies that people had to resort to bowing their heads in order to calm her angry outbursts, to which she responded to by putting up a corrected, more polite and affable stance. Regardless of all her faults, she was an exceptionally skilled courtesan whose many identities had always earned great fame and significant earnings.

Daki throwing a tantrum (Anime)

Daki throwing a tantrum.

On top of having exceedingly petulant and aggressive tendencies, Daki hailed her transformation as the greatest thing that has ever happened to her, most likely due to the extreme poverty and near-death experience she faced during her human life, openly denouncing her humanity in front of Tanjiro and claiming that as a demon, she can do anything she pleases.[19] This pride in her nature as a demon, and especially as an Upper Rank, was cause for her to cry and whine when Tengen Uzui did not believe that she had the strength of one, to the point where she threw a tantrum while wailing and spewing threats at the Hashira.

Daki set on fire by Nezuko

Daki screams as she is burned by Nezuko.

As seen during her fight against Nezuko, Daki also had a deep psychological fear of fire, due to having been burned alive at the age of 13 in her human life, evidently displayed when she screamed hysterically after Nezuko set her ablaze with her Blood Demon Art.[20]

In stark contrast to her bossy, dominating and violent exterior, Daki was fanatically loyal to Muzan, bowing her head immediately and speaking in a considerably meeker voice tone while being both visibly terrified and mesmerized by his presence. This was well known to him to the point he actively honey-laced his words towards her in order to easily motivate and direct her actions, despite the fact he thought badly of her abilities in comparison to her brother.

She seemed to have a somewhat caring relationship with her brother, Gyutaro, though it did not stop her from insulting and ridiculing him when they both failed, showing that despite her love for her brother, she wasn't above ranting and lashing out at him, as shown when she spoke cruelly of him upon their defeat, even insulting his appearance and viciously claiming that he couldn't possibly be her brother.

Daki wants to be with her older brother forever

Daki refusing to leave Gyutaro.

However, underneath her spoiled attitude towards her brother, Daki possessed a strong genuine love for him, as seen during her time in Limbo, where, despite Gyutaro attempting to sever ties with her and try to send her to heaven, she stubbornly refuses to abandon her brother, even if it meant going to Hell together with him. Having tearfully reminded him that no matter what happened to them, they were at their strongest together and promised that no matter how many times she died and was reborn, she would always be his little sister.

It was noted by Gyutaro that as a human, she possessed an easily influenced, impressionable and honest personality, causing her to easily take up the personality traits and words of those she trusts and admired to heart, as evident by Muzan's manipulation. He himself believed that the sole reason why she is like she is now was due to her being raised by him to be selfish and to only worry and care about herself, due to taking to heart his words of "take before you're taken from", resulting in her current personality. He also believed that had she been raised in a normal household and was taught proper morals and teachings, she would have become the polar opposite of her current self.


Overall Abilities[]

The destruction caused by Daki's Obi attack

Daki annihilating her surroundings with a single attack.

As the secondary holder of Upper Rank Six, Daki was an extremely powerful demon, having killed and devoured seven Hashira in the past. Her flesh detachment in the form of an sentient obi sash was strong enough to hold off the combined efforts of Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Makio, and Suma, the former two being seasoned Demon Slayers while the latter two being experienced kunoichi. Even while weakened due to dispersing her power through her obi across the city, she already proved a handful for Tanjiro Kamado, who had begun to actively use the Hinokami Kagura in combat.

After her sentient flesh obi spread across the entire city had returned to her, Daki regained her full strength.[21] In this form, her speed was incomparable from before and her sashes also become more durable, allowing them to slice Nezuko Kamado's body in half and destroy an entire street's worth of buildings with ease.[22] Furthermore, once Gyutaro's eye was implanted in her, Daki's power was amplified once again, giving her improved speed and reflexes that enabled her to outclass the likes of Zenitsu's Thunderclap and Flash technique.[23] This also allowed Daki to coordinate her attacks with her brother, drastically increasing their offensive output and easily turning the tables against the combined efforts of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and even Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira.

Keen Intellect: Daki possessed above average levels of intellect. She was able to lure and trap courtesans for over a century without being caught, and was able to effectively blend in with all the other inhabitants in Yoshiwara without being noticed by Tengen, who possesses extremely sharp senses. As an Oiran, Daki would also have had high education to climb to her position. Furthermore, Daki was able to discern that Zenitsu was a Demon Slayer after noticing his defensive posture in a single glance.[24]

Skilled Courtesan: Daki had unparalleled skills as a courtesan, with her many identities being well known through the Entertainment District's history which brought great fortunes to houses that hosted her.[25] She in turn used her elevated status to get away with many of her abusive practices.

Demon Abilities[]

Hair Manipulation: Daki possessed the ability to manipulate her own hair, possibly as an extension of her shapeshifting and flesh manipulation abilities. She briefly displayed this when she shifted her hair color from white to black,[10] and even turning it into a weapon as she attempted to attack Inosuke by wrapping her hair around his arms after he successfully decapitated her and took her head from her body to prevent her from reattaching it.

Daki regrowing her severed foot

Daki regenerating her leg instantly.

Immense Regeneration: As an Upper Rank demon, Daki possessed advanced regenerative abilities, easily regrowing her severed obi sashes after they were cut off and later regenerated her leg after it was torn off by Tanjiro.[26] She could also recover from Nezuko's powerful kicks that destroyed her head and pierced her torso within seconds.[27][28] Daki also displayed the ability to heal from Nezuko's pyrokinetic Blood Demon Art that can slow down the regeneration of demons. Later, she was also shown to be able to easily reattach her severed head despite being repeatedly decapitated by Tengen and Inosuke.[29]

Restricted Flight: Daki briefly displayed the ability to levitate in the air though unknown means,[30] though it is implied that her sashes have a part to play in it.

Gyutaro emerging from Daki's back

Gyutaro emerging from within Daki's body.

Shared Biology: Gyutaro and Daki possessed a rather abnormal trait not seen in most demons. Despite the fact the siblings are two different people, the two have essentially a single body. This can be seen with how Gyutaro normally remains concealed within Daki without altering her physical mass in the slightest. Even though Gyutaro was inactive for the majority of the time, he was still more powerful than his sister who was an active predator. This implies that humans consumed by Daki also serve as nutrition for Gyutaro, allowing the two to grow stronger at the same time. Gyutaro also had control over his sister, being capable of not only reattaching her head for her, but also healing her burnt tissue for her when she was under emotional distress.

  • Decapitation Immunity: Daki had a unique immunity to decapitation by Nichirin Swords thanks to her connection with Gyutaro, whether it be when he is "sleeping" inside of her or when his "core" is implanted inside of her body. This is showcased when, despite being repeatedly decapitated by Tengen and Inosuke, Daki's body showed absolutely no signs of disintegration.[31] As the Demon Slayers quickly realize, the only way to bypass this immunity is if Gyutaro himself is simultaneously decapitated alongside her.[32]

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Daki was extremely fast, shown when she could effortlessly keep up with Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura techniques to the point she remarked that it was boring.[17] Like all Upper Rank demons, Daki could move so fast that she appeared to teleport.[33][34] After she became whole with her dispersed obi sashes, Daki's speed increased drastically, such that it was incomparable from before.[21] Her speed increases even more after Gyutaro awakens, allowing her to keep up with Zenitsu's Thunderclap and Flash technique and successfully react to Tengen's explosives.

Daki punches Zenitsu

Daki casually punches Zenitsu through two rooms.

Immense Strength: As an Upper Rank demon who harbored an extremely high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood, Daki possessed incredible physical strength. This was shown when she punched Zenitsu through two rooms effortlessly,[35] made a hole in a roof by hitting it with her bare hands[36] and nearly tore off a young girl's ear by barely pulling it.[37] Daki could also lift up an elderly woman without any trouble whilst in flight.[38]

Unlimited Stamina & Endurance: Like all demons, Daki had infinite stamina and endurance. This was mainly displayed when she barely flinched and continued fighting nonchalantly when her obi sashes, which are extensions of her own body, were cut by the Demon Slayers, with the exception of Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura techniques. Furthermore, Daki never showed any signs of pain or agony despite getting her head sliced off.[39][40][41]

Even as a young child and still human, Ume had already showcased, at the very least, above average vitality and endurance, having survived for a prolonged period of time with her entire body burned alive. Upon discovering her and her brother, Doma noted that Ume was able to stubbornly cling to life despite her injuries and managed to successfully survive long enough to be transformed into a demon.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Extrasensory Perception: Daki had the ability to share her senses and mind with her elder brother, and also allowed him to control her body by implanting one of his eyes into her forehead. Through this eye and the link, she can send him logistical information in order for them to better coordinate their attacks.[42] Furthermore, through her sentient obi sashes, Daki can gain information from multiple places at once, even being able to telepathically communicate with it.[43] As her obi sashes were able to tell that Tengen was a Hashira from his presence alone, it can be assumed Daki can do so as well.[44]

Fighting Style[]

Blood Demon Art[]

Tanjiro vs Daki

Daki using her obi sashes to fight Tanjiro.

Obi Sash Manipulation: Daki's Blood Demon Art allowed her to create flower-patterned obi sashes from her flesh, as well as freely manipulating them at will.[45] Daki often created these sashes from her back and retracts them back into her body when not in use. She has also displayed the ability to exert control over her obi from extremely far distances. Her sashes are noted to be soft like silk yet as sharp as a Nichirin Sword. In combat, Daki used her obi sashes as powerful and fast tendril-like whips to unleash long-ranged interweaving attacks while also being able to use it to form a shield around her body if need be, making her Blood Demon Art an extremely effective blend of offense and defense. Her sashes were so powerful that they could repel and block attacks from Tengen's explosives[46] and slice up buildings with ease.[47] Furthermore, they are especially difficult to cut because of their soft properties, and can further loosen the effectiveness of slash attacks by bending and weaving.[48][49]

Her sashes had a unique property that allows her to store objects, usually humans she wanted to eat, inside her sashes. She traps them inside the sashes by transforming the objects she wishes to store into 2 dimensional flat versions of said object.[50] This allowed her to be stealthy with her movements, as any opening or pathway that is wide enough for a sash to fit in is one that she can take.[51] To free someone from being trapped in the sashes, one must cut it apart while avoiding cutting the people trapped inside, immediately freeing anyone and returning them to their original form.[52][53] Daki mainly used this ability to store humans that she wishes to eat in a space underground and consume them later. Lastly, Daki can transmute her own neck into a sash to prevent herself from being decapitated.[54]

Daki's sentient Obi sash

A sentient Obi guarding Daki's food storage chamber.

  • Sentient Flesh Obi: Daki had also displayed the ability to create obi sashes with cognitive functions as well,[55] which she does to guard and protect her "store house" where she kept her food. The sentient sashes also have a secondary purpose, which is to capture women in the brothels of the Entertainment District and to gain information about them, as seen when it interrogated Makio.[56] She also created another living obi sash to monitor and watch over Hinatsuru as she suspected her of being a spy for the Demon Slayers and then kill her if anything goes amiss.[57] Daki can also telepathically communicate with her sentient sashes, shown when she could give it instructions and watch over Inosuke fighting.[43]
    • Power Distribution: Daki has shown that when she creates her independent flesh obi sashes, she actually separates a portion of her strength and places it into them. This is seen where after the sashes returned to her and was reabsorbed into her body, Daki's power was stated to have drastically increased as she physically transformed. This was noted by Tanjiro upon noticing that her scent became much stronger and more ominous after her sashes had been absorbed back into her body.


  • Eight-Layered Obi Slash ( () () (おび) () Yae Obigiri?)[58] - Daki creates 8 long ranged Obi sashes to cut down her opponents from afar. Daki noted that this interweaving attack has no blind spots, thus making it extremely difficult to evade or counterattack.

Game Exclusive Techniques[]

  • Obi Assault ( (つら) (おび) Tsurane Obi?)[59] - Daki unleashes three layers of sashes, each comprising two, towards her opponent from bottom to top.
  • Obi Pursuit ( (はし) (おび) Hashiri Obi?)[59] - Daki slides towards her opponent while one of her sashes vertically slashes them upwards.
  • Piercing Obi ( () (おび) Sashi Obi?)[59] - Daki performs an aerial attack by launching all of her sashes downwards towards her opponent.
  • Severing Obi ( () (おび) Tachi Obi?)[59] - Daki relentlessly lacerates her opponent with her sashes, followed by an aftermath of energy the sashes caused.
  • Entangling Obi ( (から) (おび) Karame Obi?)[59] - Daki sends her sashes underground reappearing underneath her opponents' location, forcing them high into the air leaving them vulnerable to her.
  • Eight-Layered Obi Slash, Pulverize ( () () (おび) () り・ (かい) (じん) Yae Obigiri - Kaijin?)[59] - Daki bombards her opponent with her sashes constantly lacerating and mutilating them until she unleashes her Blood Demon Art: Eight-Layered Obi Slash pummeling them towards the ground creating a large burst of energy.

Daki's Blood Demon Art





  • The alias "Daki" contains the Go-on'yomi reading of the kanji for both "degenerate, descent, lapse into" ( () da?) and "princess" ( () ki?).
    • Her real name contains the Kun'yomi reading of the kanji for "plum" ( (うめ) ume?). Her human nickname contains the kanji for "white" ( (しら) shira?) and "plum" ( (うめ) ume?).
    • The latest alias she used as an oiran has the Kun'yomi reading for "bracken" ( (わらび) warabi?) and "princess" ( (ひめ) hime?). The other alias Yatamahime contains the Kun'yomi reading of the kanji for "house" ( () ya?), "pearl" ( (たま) tama?) and "princess" ( (ひめ) hime?).
    • It was revealed by her brother that her birth name as a human, "Ume", was the name of the disease that killed their mother. It appears that would be syphilis, as its Japanese name is "Baidoku" ( (ばい) (どく) ?); "Bai" and "Ume" are alternative On'yomi and Kun'yomi readings of the same character respectively, while either the kanji 黴 and 梅 can be used for the first character.
  • In contrast to his praise of her abilities, Muzan did not have a high opinion of Daki, regarding her as a "stupid child".[60] Moreover, during the meeting of the Upper Ranks, he only mentioned her death to deride Gyutaro for his love for her as a weakness.[61]
  • [61]Daki's ability to transform her neck into an extendable sash appears to be based on the Japanese folklore yōkai called the Rokurokubi. The fact her abilities manifested as sentient obi sashes could also be a reference to the "Ittan-momen" ( (いっ) (たん) () 綿 (めん) ?), a yōkai depicted as a bolt of cotton cloth that would flutter around at evening attacking people.
  • Daki's entire persona is likely based on "Rākṣasa" ( () (せつ) Rasetsu?) founded in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Rākṣasa are man-eating demons who lure in men or women with lust. Being female, Daki embodies that of Rākṣasi, female man-eating demons who lured both men and women to their death.
    • It is possible that with Daki being inspired by Raksasi, more specifically Rasetsu (the Japanese pronunciation and belief of it), the Entertainment District would correspond that of "Rasetsukoku" ( () (せつ) (こく) ?) or "Nyōgogashima" ( (にょう) (ごが) (しま) ?), an island of women where ill-fortuned men would wreck-ship and be lured by them to bed, only to be eaten or tortured shortly after.
  • Daki shares the same English voice actress, Erica Lindbeck, with the Daughter of the Spider Family.


  • (To Omitsu) "They say the secret to living a long life... is to keep silent when you see horrible things. That's how everyone around me managed to survive."[62]
  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) "Demons never grow old. And they don't need money to eat. They don't get sick. They don't die. They have nothing to lose. [...] We beautiful, powerful demons... can do anything we want!"[63]
  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) "You humans are so miserable. No matter how hard you try, this is all you got. How unfortunate."[64]
  • (To Gyutaro) "No! No! No! You can't leave me! You mustn't leave me! We have to stay together! No matter how many times I might be reborn, I'll always be your little sister!"[65]


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