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The Demon Slayer Corps. We number in the hundreds. An organization completely unrecognized by the government. Since ancient times, we have existed to hunt down demons.
Sakonji Urokodaki introducing the Demon Slayer Corps to Tanjiro Kamado in Sabito and Makomo

The Demon Slayer Corps ( () (さつ) (たい) Kisatsutai?) is an organization that has existed since ancient times, dedicating its existence to protecting humanity from demons.


The Demon Slayer Corps is an organization dedicated to hunting and killing demons. Most members of the Demon Slayer Corps are combatants, known as Demon Slayers.

As the Demon Slayer Corps isn't officially recognized by the government,[2][3] its members are forced to work in secrecy, which means that Demon Slayers cannot openly carry their swords in public. The majority of people are unaware of the existence of demons, and even if Demon Slayers were to reveal the truth about their job, they would be met with skepticism and disbelief from most individuals. Allowing Demon Slayers to openly wield swords would only incite chaos and confusion among the general population. By maintaining a low profile and avoid drawing unnecessary attention, they can carry out their duties covertly and effectively.[3] Nevertheless, whispers of the Demon Slayers have permeated public consciousness, existing as mere folklore in the minds of some. However, when civilians encounter demons or witness a Demon Slayer engaging a demon firsthand, they come face-to-face with the reality of their existence and the truth behind the tales they've heard.[4][5]

Without any support from the government or other sponsors, the Demon Slayer Corps relies solely on the resources provided by the Ubuyashiki family for its daily operations. The Ubuyashiki family's accumulated wealth, acquired through their unique gift of foresight,[6] plays a vital role in ensuring that the Demon Slayers have the necessary means and resources to fulfill their duties effectively.


The Demon Slayer Corps was founded approximately a thousand years ago during the Heian Era. This occurred after Muzan Kibutsuji, a distant relative of the current Ubuyashiki Family, inadvertently became the very first demon. As a result, a curse befell the Ubuyashiki bloodline, causing subsequent generations to suffer from premature deaths. Seeking guidance, the Ubuyashiki family heeded the advice of a priest and established the Corps. They took on the responsibility of leading the battle against Muzan and his demons, believing that by eradicating demons from the world, they could break the curse that plagued their bloodline.[7]

In the centuries that followed the establishment of the Corps, they achieved moderate success in eliminating some of the demons Muzan created, but no one was able to reach the Demon King himself. However, during the Sengoku era, the tides turned. A talented swordsman named Yoriichi Tsugikuni joined the Corps after his wife was slain by a demon. He imparted his knowledge of Total Concentration Breathing onto the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. He also endeavored to teach them a Breathing Style known as Sun Breathing, but despite their efforts, none of them could match Yoriichi's level of mastery, so he modified the techniques to suit their individual strengths. These modifications formed the foundation of the first Breathing Styles, from which numerous other styles emerged as branches. The swordsmen of that era were already highly skilled, and when combined with the Breathing Styles, their power increased exponentially. Furthermore, distinct Marks began to appear on the bodies of these swordsmen, further enhancing their abilities. This era of Demon Slayers came to be known as the Golden Age, as they displayed incredible prowess in vanquishing demons with astonishing force and almost eradicated all demons.[8][9]

However, the Marked Demon Slayers paid a high price for their power, as their lives became forfeit. Despite their perfected techniques, they had no successors to carry on their legacy. Faced with the belief that there was no future for him, Yoriichi's twin brother, Michikatsu, was approached by Muzan, who sought to transform a swordsman skilled in Breathing Styles into a demon. Michikatsu accepted Muzan's offer, renamed himself to Kokushibo, and proceeded to kill the then-Oyakata-sama, presenting the leader's head to Muzan as a display of loyalty. Shortly after, Yoriichi encountered Muzan and nearly succeeded in killing him, but the Demon Progenitor managed to escape. Yoriichi shouldered the responsibility for his brother's betrayal and his own failure to eliminate Muzan, leading to his expulsion from the Demon Slayer Corps.[10][8][11][9]

After his near-death experience, Muzan went into hiding for nearly a century, patiently waiting for his nemesis to pass away of old age. With Yoriichi out of the picture, Muzan set his sights on destroying the Demon Slayer Corps and eliminating the Ubuyashiki Family, the source of the Corps' support.[12] To achieve his goal, Muzan formed an organization called the Twelve Kizuki, comprised of the twelve strongest demons, including Kokushibo, with the sole purpose of exterminating every last Demon Slayer. Over the centuries, the Corps faced numerous life-threatening situations and came perilously close to annihilation, as no Demon Slayers were able to match the power and skill of their exceptional predecessors from the Golden Age and were mercilessly killed by the demons.

Ultimately, during the Taishō era, a new generation of Demon Slayers emerged that was regarded as the strongest since the Golden Age. Among them, Tanjiro Kamado, a practitioner of Sun Breathing, is the first Demon Slayer to awaken the Mark, after which some Hashira followed suit. Engaged in grueling and arduous battles, they confronted and defeated the Upper Rank demons of the Twelve Kizuki and fought valiantly to keep Muzan outside until sunrise, causing him to disintegrate. With Muzan's demise, all the demons he created met their end as well. This decisive victory, after centuries of relentless conflict between the Corps and demons, marked the end of an era and brought about the disbandment of the Demon Slayer Corps.[13]



The leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, revered as Oyakata-sama (館󠄃 (やかた) (さま) Oyakata-sama?, lit. "Master") by his subordinates, serves as the head of the organization and is traditionally a member of the Ubuyashiki Family. He undertakes crucial responsibilities such as coordinating the deployment of Demon Slayers to areas plagued by demon activity, overseeing the Final Selection for aspiring Demon Slayers, and conducting meetings with the Hashira.

Demon Slayers[]

Demon Slayers ( (おに) () Oni kari?) hold the forefront position within the organization. There are hundreds[2][14] of skilled and dedicated individuals who have taken up the noble duty of hunting down and eliminating demons.


The highest-ranked Demon Slayers are known as the Hashira ( (はしら) Hashira?, lit. Pillars). They possess extraordinary skills in a specific Breathing Style. Their apprentice and eventual successor are known as the Tsuguko.


Cultivators ( (いく) (しゅ) Iku shu?) nurtures swordsmen who wants to become Demon Slayers. Each of them employ their own methods for training and are specialized in a specific Breathing Style. When a cultivator deems their student ready, they grant permission for them to participate in the Final Selection.


The Kakushi ( (かくし) Kakushi?) are a unit of members who provide essential support for the Corps. The majority of them have no swordsmanship skills. The members of the Kakushi tend to injured Demon Slayers, ensuring prompt first aid and safe transportation to Butterfly Mansion for further medical care. Additionally, they undertake the crucial task of cleaning up a battlefield and tailoring the distinctive uniforms worn by the Slayers.


The Swordsmiths ( (かたな) () () Katanakaji?) from the Swordsmith Village are a dedicated group of skilled artisans specialized in the forging, repairing, and maintenance of Nichirin Swords who ensure the Slayers are equipped with formidable weapons. In addition, they also craft a range of combat and training equipment, including the Yoriichi Type Zero battle doll.


Ubuyashiki Mansion[]

The Ubuyashiki Mansion serves as the central hub of the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters. Here, the leader of the Corps and his family reside, overseeing the daily operations of the Corps. This confidential location also hosts the biannual Hashira Meeting, where the elite members of the organization gather to discuss important matters.

Mount Fujikasane[]

Mount Fujikasane, a mountain enveloped in a blanket of Wisteria and invested with demons at the area around the mountaintop, serves as the venue for the Final Selection. This entrance exam, organized by the Corps, challenges aspiring candidates who seek to join the ranks of the Demon Slayers after their training with a Cultivator.

Swordsmith Village[]

The Swordsmith Village is the dwelling place of the skilled swordsmiths who craft powerful weapons for the Demon Slayers in foundries and workshops. To safeguard the village from potential demon threats, its precise whereabouts are closely guarded and kept confidential.

Butterfly Mansion[]

The Butterfly Mansion is an establishment connected to the Corps and functions as a dedicated recovery base for injured Demon Slayers. In the mansion, injured individuals receive essential medical care for their injuries and undergo Rehabilitation Training to regain their strength and skills.

Known Members[]


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